What is a Corner Sink?

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A corner sink is a sink which has been designed to fit into the corner created by two walls where they meet, rather than being intended for a mid-wall or mid-room installation. There are a number of reasons to consider installing a corner sink, including space concerns, aesthetic desires, workflow issues, or limitations of plumbing. Home supply stores usually carry and can order corner sinks, and they can also be customized by manufacturers. No special plumbing skills are needed to install a corner sink, as the plumbing is the same as that for an ordinary sink.

In the case of a corner pedestal sink, the sink is mounted on a pedestal which has been designed with a wedge shape so that the sink will fit smoothly into the corner. Wall-mounted corner sinks are also available, which can be convenient for space conservation because the space underneath will be available for use, and it is also possible to find corner console and counter sink designs. Plumbers may also be able to adapt more conventional sinks for corner installations; for example, a conventional bowl sink can be mounted on a custom shelf or pedestal in the corner of a room.


In bathrooms, using a corner sink can save a great deal of space. Especially if a bathroom is tight, using a wall-mounted sink can increase the feeling of space, making the bathroom more inviting and more comfortable. The sink may also allow greater flexibility and creativity with a bathroom design, as a large space in the middle of a wall won't be eaten up by the sink and its accompanying fixtures. The corner sink installation may also make a bathroom of any size more aesthetically pleasing or convenient to use.

Kitchen corner sinks can include one, two, or even three separate sinks to assist with food preparation, along with tools like a spray hose for big dishes and a garbage disposal installed in the plumbing of the sink. The sink may be used to bridge two work areas, or to use space in a cramped kitchen more efficiently. Managing corners can be a big problem in a small kitchen, as it is hard to make the space usable, and installing corner sinks may be the most effective use of the space.

As with any plumbing installation, it helps to think ahead of time about the underlying plumbing arrangements of the home. Ideally, a corner sink should not require a convoluted series of pipes to reach the rest of the household plumbing, and the plumbing should be accessible in the event that a problem with drainage or leaks appears.


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