What is a Corner Pantry?

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A corner pantry is a storage space nestled into a corner, and can be either a built-in unit or a stand alone piece of furniture. Traditionally, pantries are kitchen closets for canned food, dry goods, and other items. It may be just a practical storage area where items are shelved on a lazy Susan style revolving unit or an elaborate closet with frosted glass doors that fold out revealing wood shelving. A pantry, no matter what size or style, allows the homeowner to use the often wasted space in the nooks and crannies of a kitchen.

In an older home, a corner pantry may be a built-in affair with a single door, similar to a regular kitchen pantry, just situated in a corner of the room. In a large kitchen, the pantry may be big enough to walk into, with shelving along the outer walls. The walk-in pantry may also have enough space for floor storage as well.

In a smaller kitchen, where space is at a premium, the compact corner pantry is usually a better choice. This type of pantry is slimmer and may be fitted with a turntable storage unit from top to bottom. Smaller pantries often make the most of the area, yet still allow people to have access to all of their items.


In a newer, more contemporary home, a corner pantry may be designed to sit in a corner between cupboards or appliances, such as a refrigerator or dishwasher. This style of pantry can be a hidden surprise, designed with the same cabinet decor and coordinated so well that most people will not even realize it is there. Some styles maximize storage by having double doors that open out, revealing shelving units located inside the doors themselves. When the doors are opened, the storage space is almost doubled.

Freestanding corner pantries are similar to the built-in variety and are designed to fit right into a corner. They may also offer different shelving options and wood styles, depending on the user's needs. They can usually be painted, stained, and lit from the inside to showcase just about anything. Shelving units are often adjustable or slide out to provide access to stored goods, similar to a storage chest.

Corner pantries are not just for canned goods. They can become a centerpiece of a kitchen, showcasing fine china or crystal. Whatever a corner pantry is used for, it can be a charming and useful addition to any kitchen or dining area, lending a cozy feel to a home.


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