What is a Cord Concealer?

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The typical home has several cords in many places, since nearly every modern household has at least one television and one computer. Add to this setup cords for DVD players, video game consoles, routers, modems for the Internet, and it is likely that most people have plenty of cords in their home. They can easily become a tangled mess, which is why keeping them organized, out of the way, and looking neat via a cord concealer is a good idea. A power cord concealer is typically a plastic or rubber tube that numerous wires can fit into at one time.

Often, electronic accessories are not hidden away in most homes and offices. Instead, they are usually in rooms that are commonly used, especially when it comes to televisions, stereos, and computers. For example, many people place their television in their family room, which is often visited by guests and even small children. Having numerous cords spread around the room can be dangerous, which is why covering them with a plastic cord concealer is often wise. It can usually be painted over to match the room, will stick to floors or walls with an adhesive, and can fit cords of nearly any length.


Not only can a cable cord concealer prevent people from tripping over wires or getting tangled up in power cords, but it can also maintain an uncluttered appearance. Many perfectly neat houses have a need for several electronic accessories, but the cords can ruin an otherwise streamlined look. One example is when people mount their flat-screen television on the wall. This has potential to look clean and uncluttered, but having numerous wires hanging down and getting tangled in each other can take away from the overall appearance of the room. Adding a power cord concealer to the area to keep wires straight and hidden can restore the sleek look that many homeowners desire.

There are a few variations when it comes to a cord concealer. Some people opt for a wide rectangular tube that lays flat on the ground or against a wall, and is usually meant to keep cords hidden. Others prefer a smaller, flexible tube made out of rubber that can be placed flush with the floor so that people do not trip over individual cords strewn across the room. Most cord concealers are white, black, or gray, but many can be painted over to blend in with their surroundings, which means that there is a cord concealer for nearly everyone.


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