What is a Cookbook Recipe Holder?

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A cookbook recipe holder is a useful kitchen tool which holds and protects recipes while cooks work with them. Essentially, it is a type of book stand which is also designed to accommodate single page recipes. While the idea of a cookbook recipe holder might seem rather frivolous, they are actually extremely useful to have around the kitchen, and once cooks start using them, they sometimes find it hard to go back. Many kitchen supply stores sell recipe holders, and it is also possible to reconfigure a regular book holder to serve the same purpose.

There are several functions to a cookbook recipe holder. The first is that the recipe holder gets cookbooks and recipes up off the counter so that they do not take up space, while simultaneously holding them at an angle which is convenient for quickly glancing at a recipe while working with it. Secondly, a cookbook recipe holder also keeps recipes and cookbooks clean, since they are pulled up off the counter and often protected with a splash guard as well.


A very basic design has a rack which is designed to support a cookbook or single page recipe. Others add a plastic or glass shield which protects the paper from kitchen splashes. This shield can also help to keep cookbooks open, as there are few things as inconvenient as a cookbook suddenly slamming shut at a crucial moment. The rack and shield of the cookbook recipe holder are designed to be removable, so that they can be easily taken off and cleaned.

A variety of materials can be used to make a recipe holder. The shield is made from a clear material so that the recipe can be read, while the rack can be made from wood, metal, glass, or plastic. In general, the design is sturdy so that it can support very large cooking reference books without collapsing or falling over. Since the design is relatively simple, a cook can build a variant with things which are cheap or may already be around the house, if he or she is not inclined to purchase a cookbook recipe holder.

In addition to being used in the kitchen, the sturdy book stand can also be used to display books around the house. For collectors who would like to leave books open, the shield can protect the pages from misfortune around the house. While the book stand should certainly not be used as an archival stand for rare books, it is a nice way to display attractive art books or single sheaves of paper used for artwork, important notices, and similar purposes.


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