What is a Contraceptive Clinic?

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A contraceptive clinic is a medical facility at which a person can usually obtain birth control. For example, a person may purchase birth control pills, condoms, and other contraceptives at a contraceptive clinic. Some of these clinics even offer birth control at discount prices or free to those who cannot afford it. Many also offer a range of other services, however. For instance, many provide counseling, sex education, gynecological exams, and sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and treatment. Some also offer abortions and post-abortion care.

The primary function of a contraceptive clinic is usually to provide birth control to those who desire it. This type of clinic may sell birth control pills and administer contraceptive injections. Often, these clinics sell condoms and other types of contraceptives as well. Additionally, some contraceptive clinics offer contraceptives at discount prices for individuals who have low incomes and for teenagers. In fact, there are even some contraceptive clinics that distribute free contraceptives to at least some of their patients.

Many contraceptive clinics also offer a selection of medical services. For example, a contraceptive clinic may offer pregnancy tests and gynecological exams. Some may offer STD testing as well. Prices for these services vary from clinic to clinic, but many offer these health services at discounted prices. Some may even offer free examinations for teenagers or very low-income adults.


Often, a contraceptive clinic will also offer counseling and sex education. For example, a contraceptive clinic may provide information about sex, sexual abuse, conception, pregnancy, and STDs. It may also offer related counseling. For instance, a contraceptive clinic may counsel people who are trying to decide whether or not to have sex, trying to abstain, or dealing with sexual problems. It may also provide counseling to those who have STDs, are pregnant, or are considering abortion or adoption.

In addition to providing STD testing and counseling, some contraceptive clinics also offer treatment for common STDs. For example, a clinic may offer treatment for chlamydia or gonorrhea. Likewise, it may offer guidance for preventing the spread of STDs.

Some contraceptive clinics also help people deal with unwanted pregnancies. For example, this type of clinic may help perform abortions or refer patients who want to terminate their pregnancies to abortion clinics. Some contraceptive clinics also help women who are considering giving birth but hoping to have their children raised by adoptive parents. In such cases, a contraceptive clinic may refer a woman to an adoption agency or other organization that helps women in her position.


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