What is a Console Lavatory?

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A console lavatory is a sink built into a console which is designed to nestle against the wall. Also known as a console sink, a console lavatory can be a good choice for a room in which a sink is needed, but space is limited. Many home supply stores sell console lavatories, and they can also order them by special request if people need specific models or designs. It is also usually possible to customize a console lavatory with various finishes so that it will match the rest of the room.

The design of the console lavatory is based on that of the console table. Console tables are small tables which are designed to butt up against a wall, and in some cases may be supported by the front two legs only. A console sink is usually supported with brackets and braces in the wall which make the sink more stable, and may have two legs, as in a true console, or four, depending on the design.


The design of a console lavatory is often open underneath, to increase floor space and create more light in the room. In some cases, a drawer or dropdown may be included, in part to hide the plumbing of the sink. The sink can be a drop in, or it may be mounted on top of the console. Various permutations of the design can include tiled tops, tops made from various woods, ceramics, or concrete, or tops made from solid glass, marble, and other materials.

The open design of the console lavatory can make it aesthetically interesting and create more room, but it does pose some problems. The exposed plumbing may be unsightly, and limited storage is created with a console sink. Although people can store objects on the platform which surrounds the sink, the design lacks storage for bulky or personal items which people might normally store under the sink. This problem can be resolved by installing cabinets, including cabinets outside the room if people are concerned about limited available space.

When selecting a console lavatory, people should think about the look and feel of the room where it will be used to select a design which will mesh well. They should also think about ordering plumbing fixtures at the same time, so that they can be assured that the fixtures will all match. This is especially important with visible under sink plumbing, which can be especially unpleasant to look at if it clashes with the other fixtures.


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