What is a Computer Memory Test?

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A computer memory test evaluates your computer’s memory to see if it is working correctly. The computer memory is the part of the computer in which files and programs are stored and retrieved for the user’s use. Therefore, it is important to be sure that the computer's memory is working correctly. A computer memory test should be done if a user suspects that there is a problem with their computer’s memory. It should also be run when a user purchases new memory.

The computer’s memory is an important component, as the computer should be able to read and write data accurately whenever the user needs it. Faulty memory can be caused by damaged, old, or badly configured hardware. If not found and taken care of, bad memory can lead to an unstable computer and computer crashes. Product installations can also fail because of bad memory. Certain errors can also be caused by a faulty memory.


Even a small error in computer memory can cause big problems. One example is if the computer does not boot up but instead gives a beep code. If the computer randomly crashes resulting in “fatal exception” errors, “illegal operation” errors or the “blue screen of death,” it may also be a sign that the memory is bad. A computer memory test may also be needed if the computer encounters random reboots. It is important to note that these problems may also be the result of other hardware issues, so a computer memory test may only be the first step to solving computer issues.

A computer memory test can by run by software. This testing software tests the computer’s memory and determines if there are any errors on the system. Once the problem is detected, it should be fixed, and the test should be run again. When the test passes, the computer’s memory issues have been solved. If the computer still has performance problems after the memory test passes, another computer component is to blame.

It is also possible to run a manual computer memory test. Doing so requires opening the computer case and dealing with delicate parts. Damaging these parts may damage your computer further. Because of this, it should only be done by a professional or someone who knows what they are doing. If the computer is under warranty, it should be taken to the manufacturer or store for servicing.


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