What is a Community Coordinator?

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A community coordinator is someone who synchronizes the goals and objectives of a specific community with measures that support efforts toward promotion, event planning, and project management. However, this is a very broad definition. In fact, although the title may suggest that this position pertains to a specific geographic community, such as a neighborhood, this isn’t always the case. In effect, the term community actually refers to any group that shares a common interest. This means that a community coordinator may be involved in serving a group or organization with a regional or global membership.

The role of the community coordinator involves drawing on various skill sets, most notably an aptitude for public relations. For example, nearly all people in this job position engage in various communications to the members of the community at large, as well as to the public on behalf of the group or organization. This may include the preparation of in-house memoranda and press releases, and delivering presentations.

A community coordinator may also be called upon to organize trade shows, conventions, meetings, and other events. This may involve meal planning, obtaining entertainment, inviting guest speakers, arranging for transportation, hotel accommodations, etc. The coordinator may choose to specialize in providing these types of services, and those who do are frequently referred to as a planning or events coordinator.


Other community coordinator jobs involve gathering and analyzing certain measurable metrics that may indicate the success an event, campaign, or other activity. In other words, they may seek to determine how well the objectives of the group or organization were met by taking polls or sample surveys. They may also promote the mission and reach of the group by arranging for press coverage.

A coordinator working in the government sector can expect to spend a great deal of time on public relation efforts. For instance, many federal agencies routinely provide information to the public regarding policy changes, travel advisories, or noteworthy events, and the community coordinator is often the voice that delivers the news. Those who work in this segment are often given specialized titles, such as communication or public affairs specialists.

The Internet has played a role in furthering employment opportunities for community coordinators who prefer to work from home. In fact, many virtual community coordinator positions involve facilitating online communities in terms of moderating and hosting online discussion forums and live chat events. This type of work may also involve e-mail or web-based newsletter production, initiating membership drives, or securing online content from third-party sources.


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You'll find community organizers all over the place, particularly connected to charitable groups. Habitat for Humanity, for example, does a lot of good but it wouldn't work without dedicated people in local communities who spend their time coordinating builds throughout areas. They are often unpaid or underpaid, but charitable community organizers do a lot to make their areas a little bit better for more people.

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