What is a Colonic Cleanser?

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A colonic cleanser is a product in powder or liquid form that cleanses the colon, the largest intestine of the body. The colon can also be cleaned through the use of a machine operated by a colonic hygienist. Despite the popularity of using a colonic cleanser, researchers have yet to determine if colon cleansing is beneficial to the human body.

There are two methods of cleansing the colon, using colonic cleanser products or undergoing colon irrigation. A colon cleanser can be purchased in a powder or liquid format. Some colon cleansers can be taken orally while others must be administered through the rectum.

The cleanser's main purpose is to forcefully expel matter from the colon. Such products are obtained from health food stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, or online retailers. Enemas, herbal teas, laxatives, anti-parasite pills, enzymes, and powders are all colon cleansers that are used by people in hopes of cleansing the colon of toxins.

A colon can also be cleansed by employing colon irrigation. A colonic therapist or colon hygienist performs such irrigations on patients. Colon irrigation works similar to receiving an enema, but involves more water. An advantage of this type of colonic cleanse is the fact that the procedure involves no unpleasant odors. The patient experiences very little discomfort as well.


During a colon irrigation, the patient lies on a table. A tube is inserted into the patient's rectum and a machine or pump flushes water through it. The therapist massages the patient's abdomen as the water sits inside the colon.

Next, the therapist flushes waste and fluids through another tube. Sometimes the therapist repeats the entire process in order to cleanse the colon more thoroughly. A typical session may last up to one hour. Many people choose to use a colonic cleanser because they believe that undigested food is the main cause of mucus buildup within the colon. Proponents of colonic cleansing believe that this buildup causes toxins that enter the bloodstream and poison the body.

According to proponents of colon cleansing, there are several symptoms people experience when they are harboring toxins within the colon. Those experiencing weight gain, frequent headaches, fatigue, and lack of energy may benefit from a colonic cleanser. After undergoing a colon cleanse, patients report sharper mental clarity, an improved immune system, and weight loss. People who support the use of a colonic cleanser even believe that a person's risk of cancer is reduced when he or she cleanses the colon.


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Post 3

I want to do a colon cleanse to remove toxins and parasites. I'm thinking of purchasing a detox colon cleanser kit. Has anyone tried one of these?

Post 2

@fBoyle-- There are natural colon cleansers that don't upset the balance of the intestines.

I personally use psyllium husk for this purpose. I take it in powder form with water when I want to cleanse my colon. It works by triggering more frequent bowel movements. I think it's a good colon cleanser, plus it's completely natural. I have not had any bad side effects from it.

Post 1

I know many people use extreme colon cleansers like colon irrigation because they feel healthier and more clean. I don't think I would opt for it though because I believe that there is a balance in each organ.

I know for example that there are beneficial bacteria that help with digestion and bowel movements in the colon. Wouldn't colon irrigation flush these good bacteria out? Don't people who receive irrigation experience discomfort, bad digestion and constipation afterward?

Why would anyone want to upset the balance in their colon like that? It seems like the disadvantages would outweigh the advantages.

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