What is a Colloidal Silver Salve?

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Colloidal silver salve is a homeopathic treatment designed for topical application. It is used to treat a wide variety of disorders, and claims have been made that it cures most, if not all, conditions affecting the skin. It is made by suspending particles of silver in a liquid and is often mixed with other ingredients such as aloe vera. The effectiveness of colloidal silver salve is often debated, as there are no scientifically proven benefits, but it remains a popular homeopathic treatment.

Many people use this type of salve to treat minor cuts and irritations. It is known to have strong anti-bacterial properties and is thought to prevent infection. The salve can be applied directly to open wounds, such as cuts or scrapes. It can also be applied to burns to promote healing. Although the primary use of the colloidal silver is for pain relief, it is thought that other ingredients contained in the salve often help soothe skin as well.

Colloidal silver is also known to kill fungus and parasites. Athlete’s foot and other fungal infections can often be treated with topical application of colloidal silver. Parasites may respond to silver treatment, but these are often more difficult to get rid of. Any infection on the skin that does not respond to one treatment should be analyzed and treated by another method.


In addition to these uses, much more fantastical claims have been made for potential uses of this kind of salve. Some people believe colloidal silver can be used to treat serious conditions such as cancer and gangrene. These, however, are serious disorders, and a doctor should be consulted on all treatments being used. Colloidal silver does not have many serious side effects, but refusing to seek effective treatment while relying on homeopathic cures can result in death.

The most notorious side effect of colloidal silver salve is argyria. This disorder is more often associated with internal use of colloidal silver, but a large amount of colloidal silver salve used over a long period of time will produce the same effects. Argyria is not considered particularly detrimental to overall health, but it turns the skin a distinctive shade of gray or blue. Colloidal silver salve is likely to cause localized argyria, which involves color change in only the area where the salve was applied. While it is true that it takes a large dosage of colloidal silver to cause this disorder, the condition is irreversible and should be considered a major potential side effect when using the salve.


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Post 4

It works for herpes too. It lessened my break out from two weeks to two days. Applied it once in morning and once at night for two days, and gone. Not completely, but not nearly as often. Homemade 3 9volt batts, silver, and distilled water.

Post 3

I'm using colloidal silver salve for athlete's foot. It's only been a few days so I'm not sure if it's going to treat it. But my symptoms have lessened a little bit.

Post 2

@turkay1-- I haven't used colloidal silver salve for herpes. But I have used it for acne and other bacterial infections and it worked great. Herpes is a viral infection, but colloidal silver might still be effective. You should give it a try. Don't worry about argyria, just don't use it very frequently and you should be fine. You might want to ask for your doctor's approval first though.

Post 1

Has anyone used colloidal silver salve for herpes blisters?

Colloidal silver taken internally is recommended by some people as a remedy for herpes. But I heard that it has to be taken regularly for it to work and I don't want to do that because of the risk of argyria.

So I'm thinking about using a colloidal silver salve topically on herpes blisters when there is a breakout. Has anyone tried this and was it effective?

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