What is a Clothes Shaver?

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A clothes shaver is a small, handheld, battery operated device that uses blades to remove lint, pills and fuzz from clothing. Many clothes shaver models can also remove lint or pills from upholstery, blankets, and drapes or carpet as well. This practical device is simple to use and is economical, not only because it is inexpensive to purchase, but also because it quickly revitalizes fabrics so that they look new again.

Most clothes shavers contain a clear plastic lint trap so that you can see what has been removed and also know when it’s ready to be emptied. Other optional features of clothes shavers include a removable blade protector, blade cleaning brush and storage bin. Some models are adjustable depending on the type of fabric or lint. Because the clothes shaver is cordless, it is easy to use it in any part of the house. Various models require one to four size “C” batteries.

The clothes shaver gently trims the top layer of the fabric, which is deposited into a detachable bin. It is generally made of plastic or metal and may contain an automatic shut off. Some users find that a clothes shaver tends to clog easily, so you might try various models before making a purchase.


Of course the great value of a clothes shaver is to make clothing or household fabrics appear newer. Other effective lint removal products include tape rollers, lint brushes, fabric combs and lint-free disposable sheets. Many lint rollers are rolls of adhesive type tape with a handle. As a piece of tape becomes covered in lint or pet hair or other unwanted fuzzy type substance, peel that piece off for a fresh piece of tape underneath.

A lint brush can be single or double-sided with a handle. Brush your clothing in the direction indicated on the brush to remove lint, dust, etc. A fabric comb operates under the same principle as the clothes shaver except in a manual fashion. To use a fabric comb, hold the material taut and brush lightly and quickly with the comb. Disposable sheets are made to slip over the hand. Peel off the protective strips and then pat off the lint or pet hair.

Knit clothing, in particular, will resist pilling if washed inside out to prevent it from rubbing against other fabrics. Other clothing care tips include washing clothes that produce lint, such as towels or fleece, separate from those that don’t. Also keep the dyer lint filter clean for maximum efficiency and shorter drying times.


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Post 3

I purchased a clothes lint shaver from CVS, and it has brought new life to my old sweaters. It just requires a couple batteries and it is ready to use. I only have to empty the lint compartment a couple times during use. A clothes lint shaver is a perfect way to extend life of your clothes.

Post 2

@anon21677 - The fabric shaver has a specially designed screen on it that protects the fabric. It would be safer to use the fabric shaver, because you do not have to worry about holes. It would also be safer because you can cut yourself with a regular shaver.

Post 1

One can also use a regular shaver, just as long as you don't dig it into the fabric =]

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