What is a Closing Tick?

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Closing ticks are one of the tools used by investors, brokers, and analysts to access the current condition of a given investment market. The closing tick considers the number of stocks that closed higher during the most recently closed trading period than in the previous period. At the same time, the closing tick will address the stocks that closed lower in the most recent period than in the period immediately preceding the last closed period. This comparison of stock activity allows interested parties to observe trends that are known as upticks and downticks.

The uptick is simply a closing tick that demonstrates a higher closing value in the current period than in the previous period. The recognition of an uptick is a very good thing for many investors, as it indicates that the stocks are performing well. Stocks that exhibit an uptick activity during a closing tick are likely to be monitored for several more periods, in order to determine if the upward trend is likely to continue for some time. In the event that the uptick does indicate that the stock will continue to rise for the long term, investors may choose to acquire shares now rather than later, or hold on to currently held shares until the stock is anticipated to peak.


At the same time, the downtick is not necessarily a bad thing for the investor. While stocks that indicate a downtick during the calculation of a closing tick may not be the first choice for all investors to purchase, there are some who see this trend as an opportunity. The investor will begin to monitor the daily activity of the stock and project when it will hit a low point in trading before beginning to rise again. At the lowest point in the curve, the investor will purchase shares and begin to reap rewards when the stock begins to rise in value again.

The closing tick is also a helpful tool for determining the overall health of the economy. If a market demonstrates a closing tick that is consistently lower than previous periods, this could indicate severe economic conditions that will need to be addressed and corrected as soon as possible. At the same time, a closing tick that shows a healthy balance between stocks with uptick and downtick activity indicates an economy that is relatively stable and not in danger of leaning too far into inflation or recession.


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