What Is a Closet Flange Extension?

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A closet flange extension is a device that is used to raise a closet flange connecting point when the toilet height is changed. When remodeling a bathroom, the floor is often raised by means of the installation of a new floor or by tiling over the old floor. This creates a situation in which the toilet is too far above the closet flange to be properly sealed to the flange. There are several styles of closet flange extensions, and care should be taken so that one does not buy a closet flange extension that is too tall and raises the toilet so far that it becomes wobbly.

In some instances, a toilet can become too high to effectively connect to the closet flange, which is the connection between the toilet and the sewer pipe. The closet flange not only connects the toilet to the sewer pipe, it also provides the mounting bolts that secure the toilet to the bathroom floor. If the toilet is raised too far away from the flange, such as when a new floor is installed or the old floor is tiled over, a closet flange extension must be installed to raise the existing flange. This type of extension usually can be purchased as a kit, with all the bolts and related hardware included in the kit.


Many closet flange extension kits include several extensions that can be stacked to create taller extensions. With this type of kit, only the extensions that are required to raise the flange high enough to reach the toilet should be used. Included with the less-expensive closet flange extension kits are steel bolts. These bolts are often plated in chrome. These bolts should never be used in this application, because the bolts can easily rust if they are exposed to moisture.

Brass bolts should be used whenever a closet flange extension is installed, because of the anti-rust properties of the brass bolts. This will make certain that the closet bolts do not rust and break, which would allow the toilet to wobble. This also can lead to leakage around the closet flange and the toilet because of a broken wax ring. Some installers place a bead of silicone caulk around the perimeter of the flange extension to provide additional protection from leaks that can potentially damage wood and materials under the toilet. It also is critical for a new wax ring to be installed whenever the toilet is removed from the closet flange.


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