What is a Citrus Trumpet?

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A citrus trumpet is a kitchen gadget which is designed to facilitate the juicing of small citrus fruits for cooking projects. The device is also sometimes called a juice extractor, which is slightly misleading since it is not intended to act like a juicer. For people who frequently require a small amount of citrus juice, a citrus trumpet can be very useful around the kitchen. Some kitchen supply stores carry the devices, and they can also be ordered through Internet retailers.

To use a citrus trumpet, a sharp straw is screwed into the fruit. The non-sharpened end of the straw has a small trumpet shaped opening. When the fruit is squeezed, it forces juice into the straw and out of the trumpet, either directly onto food or into a measuring device for a precise amount. A strainer is typically included to catch pulp and seeds so that only juice pours out. When a sufficient amount of juice has been extracted, the citrus fruit can be stored in the refrigerator with the citrus trumpet still attached.


When a citrus trumpet is used, cooks do not need to cut open a citrus fruit, potentially causing it to dry out. Instead, the integrity of the fruit is maintained so that the juice will remain inside until it is needed. When all the juice has been removed, the citrus trumpet can be taken out and washed, typically by hand or in the silverware tray of the dishwasher, if it is dishwasher safe. The device may come apart for easier cleaning as well, depending on the manufacturer.

Metal tends to be the material of choice for citrus trumpets, since it is sturdy and easily sharpened. Plastic versions are also available, although they can break down more quickly. In both cases, the construction of the citrus trumpet is solid, so that it cannot be bent while it is being inserted into the fruit. Juice should not leak from the device while it is stored, especially if the fruit is stored upright; if your fridge has spaces on the door for eggs, that space also works well for storing citrus fruits.

For high volumes of citrus juice, a juicer or citrus reamer is a much better tool, since these tools can rapidly process citrus fruits to extract the most amount of juice. When a minimal amount of juice is needed, however, a citrus trumpet can be ideal for the task, especially with lemons and limes. Citrus fruits with thick membranes between their segments tend not to work well with a citrus trumpet, and the same goes for large citrus fruits as well, since the straw cannot penetrate far enough.


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