What Is a Chlorophyll Supplement?

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A chlorophyll supplement is a type of nutritional supplement that is formulated using one or more sources of chlorophyll as the main ingredient. Some of these supplements may contain a specific type of plant ingredient, such as seaweed, as the basis for the product while others may utilize several different sources for the formula. Available in capsules as well as liquid form, the purported benefits of taking a chlorophyll supplement include increased energy levels, enhanced digestion, and minimized body odor. Chewable supplements of this type are also available, and are sometimes used to help reduce the incidence of bad breath.

One of the proven actions of chlorophyll in the diet is to aid the body in processing carbohydrates so that energy is created that helps to fuel all the systems in the body. As a result, claims for various types of chlorophyll supplements include the ability to regulate blood glucose levels. Rather than glucose collecting in the bloodstream and increasing those levels to dangerous proportions, the body is able to convert those carbohydrates to energy. That energy can then be used to fuel the nervous system and regulate mood, while also aiding in the proper function of various muscle groups and organs.


The choice of what type of chlorophyll supplement to take is often a combination of preference and practicality. Some people prefer the liquid supplements since they believe that the product is absorbed into the body more efficiently. This would mean the benefits are realized in a shorter period of time. In order to minimize what is sometimes a less than desirable taste, a liquid chlorophyll supplement can be combined with fresh juices, a move that also helps to provide additional nutrition for the body.

Other consumers may prefer a powdered chlorophyll supplement that is contained in a capsule. Typically, the capsules are ideal when the desire is for a slower release of the nutrients into the system. In some cases, the chewable forms may be preferable, especially if the main reason for using the product is to help deal with a case of bad breath or to obtain immediate relief from heartburn or some form of indigestion.

Most health food stores and vitamin shops will carry at least a couple of different chlorophyll supplement options, typically the capsules and the liquid products. In addition, many herb shops will also carry a variety of the types of supplements. As with any type of nutritional supplement, there is some potential for interaction with prescription medication, making it a good idea to discuss use of these and other supplements with a physician before choosing to add them to the daily dietary regimen.


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