What is a Chiropractic Network?

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A chiropractic network is a group or association of chiropractors and related practitioners. These professionals may band together to offer similar services and options across a wide geographical range. The term may also refer to a network of alternative medicine practitioners that offer services through a chiropractic office. A chiropractic network may offer discount cards or reduced rates to regular clients that use practitioners within the network.

There may be several benefits to joining a chiropractic network as a chiropractor. Some networks allow only one practice to join per zip code or region, meaning that clients of the network will be referred solely to one business in their area. In a region with many competing practices, this can be a good way to ensure name recognition and referrals. Allowing members to have advertising dominion over their own area also helps prevent rivalries from developing and allows opportunities for cooperation.

Some networks host frequent advanced classes and seminars for members to attend. This allows chiropractors to build a community of professionals that can learn and help one another out. Connecting professionals in this manner can, in turn, lead to better care for patients, as practitioners may be able to send a patient to the best possible chiropractor for his or her treatment.


To qualify for a place in a chiropractic network, a chiropractor may need to have specific qualifications and agree to a series of practice standards. This allows the network to create a brand of sorts, and ensures that each member is able to provide quality care. Chiropractors may also have to pay a membership fee that covers administrative costs, advertising, classes and training opportunities and other network services.

For practitioners and businesses in related areas, such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, health spas, and homeopathic physicians, creating a network of contacts and referrals through a chiropractic network can be beneficial to everyone involved. Chiropractors will be able to offer clients quick referrals, and businesses may be able to create package deals that will attract new clients. Creating a comprehensive alternative care network based through a chiropractor's office can help provide more patients with the help they need.

A chiropractic network can sometimes be very beneficial to patients as well. Many insurance companies do not cover chiropractic care or other forms of alternative medicine. Some larger chiropractic networks allow patients to join the network for a yearly fee and receive special discounts, package prices, and even referral bonuses on services provided by professionals in the network. Joining a chiropractic network can help ease the patient's financial burden while allowing him or her access to a wide range of care options.


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