What is a Chin Lift?

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Chin lifts are a surgical procedure that may be performed independently, or as part of an overall face lift that includes addressing the chin and neck. This form of cosmetic surgery is commonly employed when there is some evidence of a drooping chin. The drooping chin could be attributed to the condition of the outer layer of skin, or be caused by laxity in the tissues underneath the surface of the skin.

As with many forms of cosmetic and plastic surgery, the chin lift is utilized to help create or restore a desirable look, generally one of youth and vigor. However, a chin lift is not necessarily only performed as part of a series of elective procedures to turn back the hands of time. In situations where extensive damage has been done to the face, such as in an auto accident, a chin lift may be one of several procedures employed to reconstruct the facial appearance to a pre-accident look.

In general, surgeons with the credentials to perform a chin lift will only do so after careful examination and consultation with the patient. The reason for this is that there may be extenuating circumstances or conditions that must be addressed before the procedure takes place. By understanding the exact current condition of the chin area and the reasons for that condition, the surgeon can determine the best methods to employ.

When the chin lift does not involve the need to address the condition of the underlying tissues of the chin, it is often possible to achieve a chin lift by simple making a topical incision and lifting up the external skin. However, it is also possible to address sagging tissue underneath the skin’s surface by making a simple incision inside the lower lip and pulling the sagging tissue upward, securing the skin into place with simple stitches. Like all forms of plastic surgery, there is some swelling and often bruising involved with a chin lift, but the swelling normally subsides within a few days, and the bruising often will fade shortly thereafter.

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Post 3

My daughter had this too. Her cheek swelled up and she was in dreadful pain. The doctor didn't know what it was so I made an appointment with a neurologist because I thought maybe it might be neuralgia of some sort.

As soon as this doctor walked in she said, oh, that's not neuralgia, but we'll take care of it. So we eventually ended up in the ER and they had an oral surgeon come in and she had an infection. It was pretty gross the stuff he sucked out of it. But, it took a lot of antibiotics to finally get rid of it. The dentist had even taken x-rays.

It was apparently hard to diagnose but you should go see a doctor or dentist and they need to take an xray. It will probably not go away and will get worse before it gets better, even if it does.

Post 2

I've had something like that before, and it was diagnosed as neuralgia. I'd go to the doctor just to put your mind at rest, and get something to relieve the hurting, as it's not pleasant and gets you down. Don't worry, just go and see the doctor and get it put right.

Post 1

My cheek and under my chin where the bone is and have been hurting for more than five days but it's getting worse. should a doctor look at it and should I go to the hospital? Please respond back for my answer.

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