What Is a Chicken Patty?

B. Miller

A chicken patty can refer to a few different ways to prepare chicken. The first is a simple chicken breast, typically breaded and fried and served on a roll or on bread. The second is a type of formed patty made of shredded chicken as well as pepper, spices, and other flavorful ingredients, and is also then breaded and fried. This type of chicken patty is a popular Jamaican dish, while the first is a common staple in grocery stores, as the patties are typically fully cooked and only need to be heated in the oven in order to eat them.

Chicken breasts are high in protein.
Chicken breasts are high in protein.

Many manufacturers prepare and sell frozen chicken patties, typically made of white-meat chicken. The higher quality versions will be made of a chicken breast, while less expensive version may be made of reformed chicken, sometimes including dark meat as well. They are then coated with breading and deep-fried before being frozen and packaged, as they are sold in stores. They most resemble a big chicken nugget in appearance and taste, and as a result are a popular meal choice for children, though they can certainly be eaten by people of all ages. A chicken patty is typically served as a sandwich, often on a roll or bun with additions like tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise.

Tomatoes and onions are possible toppings for a chicken patty sandwich.
Tomatoes and onions are possible toppings for a chicken patty sandwich.

This type of chicken patty falls somewhere in the middle with regards to healthy food choices. Though chicken itself is a good source of lean protein, the fact that chicken patties are breaded and deep fried tends to make them more fattening. As a result, some people choose to make their own chicken patty recipe, which is often more flavorful as well. Though these are often fried as well, they are typically shallow fried in a saucepan with a bit of olive oil, which is a healthier option; baking is also an option.

These are typically fairly easy to make, and there are many recipes available online. Chicken breasts are baked and shredded, then mixed together with other ingredients such as pepper, curry powder, or parsley, as well as other spices like onion and garlic to taste. Jamaican chicken patties will often include sweet potato as well. The chicken patties are then formed using eggs, or flour and butter, and shallow fried in oil until they are golden brown. There are certainly many different ways to prepare this type of chicken patties, and experimenting with different ingredients or flavors can be a good way to find some unique tastes.

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@Laotionne - You would think that the chicken patty would be a better choice than a beef patty, but as this article says in the second paragraph, not all chicken patties are made with the same parts of the chicken and this makes a big difference.

What makes beef so bad is that the meat contains a lot of fat. If the chicken patties are made of all white meat then they will have less fat than the beef, but if they contain dark meat, and even worse, chicken skin then you might as well eat the beef patties if you like them better.

Your best option is to by a high quality turkey patty. They have much less fat and they are still high in protein.


I am always looking for ways to eat healthier. I am a long way from being perfect when it comes to my meal choices. Like most people my age I ate a lot of quick frozen meals and I had way too many meals at fast food places when I was in college. I'm doing much better now, but one of the bad foods I love is the frozen beef patties.

I like the taste and I like that they are easy to cook and they cook in a hurry. However, I am thinking I might be able to substitute frozen chicken patties for the beef ones I like. The chicken has to be better for me than the beef, right?

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