What Is a Chi Site?

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The term chi can be confusing because it is both a scientific and a spiritual term, meaning the phrase 'chi site' can refer to two very different things. Most DNA strands contain at least one chi site that fosters homologous recombination, or the exchange of genetic strands to repair damage in DNA. The second definition for chi site refers to the seven spiritual chakras in the body that are usually acknowledged by spiritualists who follow Eastern teachings.

Chi sites in DNA are most often studied in bacteria, though they also occur in human, plant, and animal DNA. These sites are defined as areas of a genetic strand that are mirror images of other areas of another genetic strand. These genetic mirror images always exist within the same bacterium. When one of these mirror-image strands is damaged, its look-alike strand fuses with the damaged area and replicates itself. This is called homologous recombination, which loosely means 'mixing similar things together.'


Though chi sites contain nearly identical genetic patterns, there are slight differences that often become apparent when recombination occurs. Once the mirror-image strands exchange DNA, the bacterium becomes a slightly different strain of the same kind of bacterium. For instance, if roses were able to perform homologous recombination, a white and red rose might exchange DNA to repair each other. Afterward, both plants would still be roses, but they might both be pink. The same basic principle holds true with DNA — an E. coli molecule that repairs itself is still part of the E. coli family, but is a slightly different molecule than before. This is how new strains of diseases develop.

A spiritual chi site, on the other hand, has very little to do with DNA. Eastern spiritualists believe that the spiritual part of the human body is made up of ethereal energy called chi. This energy flows up and down the vertical center of the spiritual body, pooling at seven major chi sites called chakras. Many spiritualists believe that when a chakra chi site is blocked by negative energy, it has a negative impact on one’s life in general. When the chakras are open and energy flows through them freely, the individual feels balanced and content.

Chi site chakras start in the tailbone with the root chakra, which rules survival instincts. The sacral chakra, located in the groin, is the center of sexuality and emotional intimacy. The solar plexus chakra deals with personal power, while the heart chakra deals with compassion. Communication is controlled by the throat chakra, while the third eye chakra is associated with thought and the crown chakra deals with cosmic connections. Some practitioners believe blockages in these chakras can cause health problems, as well as emotional ones.


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