What Is a Chewy Granola Bar?

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A chewy granola bar is a type of food with rolled oats as its main ingredient. Often consumed for breakfast or snacking purposes, it is made in a compact bar form and packaged in an easily opened wrapper. Other common ingredients include fruits, nuts, and yogurt. The term "chewy" derives from the food's texture upon consumption.

Rolled oats are the main components of a chewy granola bar. These whole grains are compressed into dry, flat flakes. They are typically toasted, pressurized, and have a light brown appearance. Uncooked oatmeal typically consists of rolled oats as well. Many advocates tout the nutritional value of these foods, as they contain many needed nutrients like fiber, iron, and the immune system-boosting beta-glucan.

When one combines rolled oats with nuts and honey, granola results. This mixture is baked until it is crispy and easily separated. It provides a high-calorie energy boost and easy storage, making it a popular hiking and camping snack along with similar products like fruit-and-nut trail mix and muesli cereal. The only differentiation between traditional granola and granola bars is the shape. Whereas regular granola is packaged more like a loose cereal, a granola bar is pressed into a compact rectangular shape.


In the creation process, ingredients are combined with baking products such as flour, butter, and baking soda. The resulting mixture is pressed together into a pan and baked. Baking time ranges from around 20 to 25 minutes. In contrast to a traditional granola bar, a chewy granola bar lessens the baking time for the rolled oats in order to provide a moister, chewier texture.

Makers of the chewy granola bar use several diverse ingredients to create numerous flavor offerings. In addition to oats, other grains may be added as well, such as flax seeds. Dried fruits, yogurt, and honey can add a sweet taste to the bars.

Due to its contents, the chewy granola bar is a popular fixture in many breakfast meals, earning it the secondary name of breakfast bar. Oats and fruit in particular are prevalent in many other breakfast foods. The nutritional value of these substances is also appealing for the day’s first meal. Further, many individuals who do not have the time or inclination for a traditional breakfast meal prefer the ease of consuming a granola bar.

The name Chewy® Granola Bar may also refer to a specific line of trademarked granola bar products offered by the United States-based Quaker® Oats Company. Some flavors offered by the company are chocolate chip, apple cinnamon, and honey nut. The company, along with its competitors, also offers reduced calorie bars. In other regions, chewy granola bars sometimes go by the names of muesli bars or flapjacks.


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Post 2

It is easy to make granola bars at home and that way you can fill them with all your favorite ingredients. I make several batches of homemade granola bars over the winter. They are good any time, but are really the best when you can eat them warm from the oven.

I usually have some carob chips in my granola bars, and the melted chocolate and warm oats are a wonderful combination. Some of my favorite things to add to my bars are dried cranberries, coconut and black walnuts. I will usually sweeten them with brown rice syrup and honey. Not only do they taste wonderful, but they are full of good ingredients too.

Post 1

If given the choice between a soft, chewy granola bar over a traditional one, I will always choose the soft ones. I just prefer the chewy texture over a crunchy bar.

I purchased a big box of Quaker granola bars in several different kinds of flavors to keep in my desk at work. These are much better for men than going to the vending machine and buying a bag of chips or a candy bar.

Many of the granola bars taste good enough, that you feel like you are eating a candy bar, but have much better ingredients in them like oatmeal and nuts.

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