What is a Chair Cushion?

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Chair cushions are simple pads that can be added to any type of chair as a means of providing additional comfort for the seat and the back. A chair cushion may be thin or somewhat thick, depending on the preferences of the user. In addition to providing comfort, some types of chair pads and cushions are also designed for use by people recovering from various types of injuries or surgery.

While many people tend to think of a chair cushion as being an extra cushion on the seat of the chair, cushion sets often include a back cushion as well. These sets are popular chair accessories for use with hardback or cane chairs, such as those sometimes used with a country or rustic dining set. One of the advantages of using a chair cushion set is that it is possible to dress up the plain wooden chairs for various seasons and holidays, as well as provide and extra level of comfort.

Other types of chairs also lend themselves well to the use of a chair cushion. Patio chairs are usually constructed of durable material that is functional but not always comfortable. The addition of a chair cushion set will make the seating much more inviting as well as add a burst of color on the patio. Hardback rocking chairs are also enhanced with the use of a chair cushion, making the rocker an ideal place to settle down to enjoy the night air or read a good book.


Along with basic comfort and visual appeal, the chair cushion can also be a functional accessory for people recovering from some type of health issue. When the muscles of the lower back are recovering from a strain, the presence of both the pad and the back cushion can provide additional support that makes sitting up an easier task. An inflatable chair cushion in the shape of a doughnut is often an ideal option for people who are dealing with the pain of hemorrhoids or women who have recently gone through unusually hard labor.

It is possible to purchase a chair cushion set at any retail outlet that carries different types of chair accessories. Furniture stores, medical supply shops, home stores, and discount retail outlets often provide a wide selection of sizes, shapes and materials to choose from. Whether the chair cushion is destined for use in the home, on the patio, or the front porch, there are sure to be at least a few selections that are the right colors and the right price for any budget.


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Post 3

@ocelot60- I have chair cushions that attach to my wooden chairs with Velcro, and I love them. They were not expensive, and they fit securely to the chairs.

Another feature that I like about them is that unlike the type of cushions with tie fasteners, the fasteners on these cushions is not nearly as detectable once they are secured on the chairs.

Post 2

@ocelot60- The home decor isle of an inexpensive retail store is the best place to look. There you should be able to find a chair cushion style you like that won't break your budget. For the type of chairs you describe, I think the type of cushion that has ties that go over the back of the chairs is your best choice to add comfort and style to them.

Post 1

There are so many types of chair cushions available, it is very hard to choose which ones to buy. I'm looking for some tips for adding cushions to old, wooden dining room chairs that need a boost in comfort and style. I also don't want to spend a lot of money on them.

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