What is a CCTV Security Monitor?

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A CCTV, or closed-circuit television, security monitor utilizes video cameras in the surveillance of a particular area for security or safety purposes. It is especially used to monitor and prevent crimes in establishments such as banks, airports, casinos, and convenience stores. Some homes, universities, and businesses have also installed CCTV security monitor systems to have a continuous record of the day-to-day activities in their particular surroundings.

The CCTV system was first used in 1942. In 1968, CCTV systems were installed in New York City, particularly along its main business district, as part of the efforts to fight crime in the area. Later on, the use of a CCTV security monitor became prevalent in many city centers, parking lots, train stations, and estates. CCTV systems are also easily available to consumers. Their prices vary, with the most sophisticated systems being very expensive.

Having a CCTV security monitor can often discourage potential criminals from conducting a crime. This is because they fear that they can be recorded by a CCTV camera that can be used for easy identification by the authorities. It can also help in the immediate deployment of police officers. More advanced CCTV security monitor systems can even help determine the number of officers required to respond to a crime scene, as well as identify the number of offenders present at the scene.


Through the use of CCTV security monitor systems, traffic monitoring has also been made easier. It allows monitoring of traffic congestion in certain streets as well as incidence of accidents, and may even help in reporting stolen cars. Amusement parks and train stations also utilize the CCTV systems to ensure the safety of people who use their facilities. For example, amusement park operators often watch through their CCTV security monitors to make sure that no one is going to be harmed when rides starts.

Certain improvements are being implemented to further make the use of CCTV security monitor and cameras more effective. One is by providing more lighting, especially in public areas, to allow the camera to capture the images of people more accurately, and for authorities to easily identify the offenders. Likewise, CCTV operators are being trained to quickly deploy police officers to rush to a crime scene. Regular evaluation of video surveillance is also being implemented to ensure that the system will provide adequate and timely data for crime prevention.


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