What is a Career Assessment Test?

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A career assessment test is a questionnaire that uses information about a person’s interests and talents to identify which careers might be best suited for that person. The questions on a career assessment test can help you identify your natural strengths and preferences. Such an assessment is a valuable tool when exploring various career options or trying to narrow down choices.

Career assessments are especially helpful for students or those desiring to change careers because the test results can align compare a person’s inclinations, motivations and abilities with appropriate career choices. Many career assessment tests are available free online. Some online tests provide condensed results free, but require payment for a more detailed report. Other places where a career assessment test is available include career centers, government employment offices and career and counseling offices at the high school or college level.

When taking a career assessment test, it is best to answer questions honestly and go with your first instinct. The types of questions might include what tasks you enjoy, how you perform various tasks, how you interact with others, how you express yourself and whether you prefer working with things, people or data. Some tests include questions about a person’s values.


The results of a career assessment test will likely include an analysis of which career fields and specific jobs match your results. Other reports will include workplace type environments that are likely to be suitable based on your preferences. The results might be presented in either a text or graphic form.

Some career assessment tests include discussion of your results via telephone, e-mail or even personal career counseling. These types of results are likely to cost more than those types of brief summaries which are provided immediately to test-takers. No career assessment test is designed to determine the perfect job for someone, but the results can indicate areas that are most likely to be rewarding based on your interests and natural abilities. It might be helpful to take two or three different career assessments and compare the results.

Career assessments are just one step in the process of choosing a career goal, such as a specific job or a particular field where you want to work. Once you have a career goal, you can then proceed to a career plan. Your career plan includes the specific steps you will take to reach your goal, including where to take the necessary courses.


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