What is a Cardboard Display?

Malcolm Tatum

Cardboard displays are promotional, informational, or advertising tools that are used to attract the attention of interested parties. It is possible to make use of a cardboard display in a retail store, at a convention or trade show, or in a school or house of worship. The use of a cardboard display can also serve as an excellent visual element to compliment a verbal presentation.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

For the most part, a cardboard display is configured to be a stand-alone object. The cardboard used in the creation of the display is usually heavy paper that is capable of holding up well for extended periods of time. The actual design of the cardboard display will depend on the purpose for the display and how long the display is intended to remain in place.

Cardboard cut outs are among the most common examples of a cardboard display. The cut outs are often employed in movie theaters and serve as a means of advertising movies that are currently running at the theater or will be running in the near future. The use of this type of cardboard display, along with posters, adds one more visual element that may reinforce the intention of the patron to make plans to see the movie at some future point. These durable cardboard cut outs are normally in full color and are sometimes laminated. The cut out usually stands with the help of a heavy paper stick or a support made of the same grade of cardboard.

Another useful type of cardboard display is used in schools and houses of worship for short-term displays. Often configured with two to four panels, the displays may rest on a tabletop or be completely freestanding with the support of a cardboard display stand. This type of visual display element is ideal for use in science fairs, or as a means of attracting students to a particular club on campus. In a house of worship, the displays may be used to advise visitors of various ministries available or to provide more information about upcoming activities that are open to the general public.

While trade shows normally call for the use of something sturdier than a set of cardboard display panels, the heavy cardboard can often work very well for job fairs and trade shows that are not intended to last longer than a few hours or one day. Because it is possible to purchase displays that are designed with text and graphics and covered with a layer of laminate, the finished display can be extremely appealing to trade show attendees. In addition, the tabletop version of the cardboard display will set up in a matter of minutes and can be easily transported to and from the exhibition area without a great deal of effort.

Plain cardboard displays are often available at school and office supply stores. There are also printers that offer the option of designing a permanent layout for the graphics and colors of a cardboard display that can be used for several presentations. While the customized displays can be somewhat expensive, they are often a viable option when purchasing or using a collapsible trade show display is not possible or practical.

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