What is a Calf Massager?

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A calf massager is a tool a person uses to knead and rub his legs, without the need for a professional massage therapist. A calf massager is used by many people for various reasons such as to relax muscle tissue, melt away tension, reduce stress, soothe and rejuvenate tired muscles, improve muscle tone and stimulate blood circulation before exercising. There are several different styles to accommodate these needs, including magnetic, kneading and vibrating models.

A magnetic calf massager uses magnetotherapy to stimulate blood circulation in the calves. Many people believe that magnets accelerate healing, minimize swelling, speed up recovery time and improve sleep quality. Magnetic calf massagers use moving magnets, and often times heat, to deeply penetrate the muscles in the calves.

Kneading calf massagers are most often used to soothe and rejuvenate tired muscles and improve muscle tone. The kneading calf massager uses discs that squeeze and penetrate the muscles. This style is often found as a combination machine, targeting both calves and feet. It is often used in reflexology, targeting the vital pressure points found in the feet while vigorously massaging the calf muscles.

The vibrating calf massager is the most popular massager used today. This machine uses vibratory motions to relax the muscle tissue in the calves, helping the user to feel revitalized. Vibrating massagers have multiple speeds that change the level of intensity from weak to strong.


Many of these calf massagers also use water or heat to increase their relaxation benefits. Calf massagers that use water are also known as foot spas. A foot spa is filled with water and allowed to heat up until it reaches the preselected temperature. It then uses a vibratory motion to massage the user’s feet. Magnetic and kneading calf massagers often use heat to increase their relaxation effects.

With the exception of the foot spa, most of these calf massagers are available in portable models. Portable models are compact and either battery operated or able to be plugged into the AC power outlet in a vehicle. Due to the basic design of portable massagers, they can also be used to massage the neck, temples or back.

Due to the intense massage provided by calf leg massagers, they are not recommended for use by pregnant women or people with cardiovascular disease. Diabetes and cancer patients should seek the advice of their physician before use. People who have had leg, foot or ankle surgery should avoid use until they are released from their doctor's care.


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