What is a Bust Lift?

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A bust lift is a process to firm and raise the breast tissue for a more pleasing bust line, better posture, and fewer back problems. This process is most often done by women. As they age, the fatty tissue in their breasts begins to sag from gravity, loss of skin and muscle elasticity, pregnancy, and breast-feeding. Bust lifts can be done through surgery, exercises, or creams. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, and a wise consumer will research methods carefully before taking action or purchasing products.

If a bust lift is done by surgery, it is called a mastopexy. The surgery is performed by a doctor, usually a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, who has special training in the structure of the breast. Once a patient is given anesthesia, the doctor will make incisions near the armpits and remove excess skin above the breast while tightening surrounding tissues. Sometimes the doctor will remove and re-position the nipples for symmetry. Patients usually stay overnight after the surgery, and recovery takes a few weeks.

One non-surgical method is a bust lift done by exercises. This method lifts or firm breasts by strengthening the pectoral muscles behind the breasts. Push-ups will develop not only the pectorals, but will also build up arm muscles. Another exercise is to lie on the floor with dumbbells and raise the arms straight in the air over the breasts before returning them to the floor.


Bust lift creams are a newer method to improve sagging breast tissue. These creams are similar to facial skin lifting creams, which work by tightening the connections between layers of skin and lift up the top layer. Bust lifting creams can contain a variety of ingredients, which may or may not be effective. It is important to research different types of creams and read actual user reviews to find the best cosmetic.

Generally, bust lift surgery and bust exercises will both work to reduce stress on the back, especially in women with very large breasts. As people age and breasts sink lower, the posture and spine alignment may change. Strengthened muscles and a lifted bust can help with proper back alignment and better posture.

It is especially important for anyone wanting to improve the bustline to check out alternatives, product reviews, and their own medical condition before choosing a method to raise the bust. Surgery can be expensive and always presents dangers. Exercises are generally effective, but should not be performed by anyone with back or arm injuries, or those who have major health issues. As for lifting creams, they should be researched carefully, as many ineffective cosmetics are on the market. The correct bust lift alternative, however, is the one that achieves the woman’s objective: improving her posture, skin, and self-image.


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