What is a Business Plan Presentation?

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A business plan presentation is usually a type of lecture, given by an individual or group, on a specific work-related topic. The ideas presented can include industry research and plan outcomes, such as a new advertisement for a product designed to increase profits. The success of a business plan often depends not only on its contents, but also the quality of the presentation itself.

A team or individual can prepare a number of strategies for delivering a convincing business plan presentation. To do this, plan creators often take into account the people who will hear the presentation — usually businessmen, investors, and other people with the power and resources to approve and fund the proposed project. Presenters can benefit a great deal by researching exactly who the listeners are, where their interests lie and what they would like to hear.

Most plans are written in advance and in a clear and precise manner. The presenters need to know exactly what their plan consists of, including all the statistics, courses of action and funding needed. Copies of the written plan are commonly distributed to the listeners, so they may follow along and remember concepts after it is finished.


It is a good idea to follow some general speech-giving tips when leading a business plan presentation. It is often recommended that presenters maintain a general, conversational tone and try to avoid reciting a memorized speech. If the plan is long, hand-held cue-cards containing key points can be of great help to the presenter. Since listeners may ask questions during the presentation, those making the presentation should be prepared to pause and answer them.

Often, an important aspect of a business plan presentation is how convincing the presenters are. If it is a sales pitch, presenters need to be very assertive in showing how the proposed financial investment will benefit investors. Most listeners want to hear about how the plan will help them. It is also generally recommended that presenters be honest and able to admit possible problems with the plan, as well as ready with solutions to overcome them.

Computer software programs that help provide visual aids can be valuable tools for those making a business plan presentation. This technology can help presenters incorporate videos, pictures, tables, and statistics to enhance and better illustrate plan points. This media is commonly displayed on a wall screen by use of a projector. Presenters sometimes use a number of visual aids but must not overuse them or distract listeners from other parts of the presentation.


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