What Is a Business Pattern?

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A business pattern is a broad term that has to do with the rules that govern how software developers go about creating products for different types of business operations. The exact nature of the pattern will vary, depending on the type of business under consideration and the intended function of the software package. This designation for the development of these basic rules began to take place in the last years of the 20th century as companies began to make use of desktop computing as the means of accomplishing a number of tasks that were once handled manually. As demand for software solutions grew, engineers began to create the concept of a basic pattern that could be adapted and used as a boilerplate for creating various types of object oriented technologies to serve the business community.


The general idea of a business pattern translates well into a wide range of business settings. Since the concept has to do with the creation of solutions that aid businesses in effectively managing a number of different tasks, the approach can be used as a platform for general business solutions such as sales databases, production and efficiency software, and even supply chain software that includes tools for managing inventories. Along with general usage, these same tools often include features that make it possible to adapt the programs to the specific needs of an individual company. An example would be the ability to create customized reports along with using the bank of report formats already included in the software package.

Using a business pattern makes it easier for software engineers to understand the general nature of a business, then create a platform that has relatively wide appeal to those companies. Along with software that is intended for broad use within an industry or even across several different industries, there is also the option of using the basic organizational patterns to develop software solutions for a specific company situation. Here, the goal is to not only include the functionality that is found with more generic software solutions but to also include elements and features that are unique to the individual business.

A business pattern can serve as the basis for structuring stand alone software applications within individual departments, or provide the basic platform for the creation and implementation of an integrated application that is used by the company as a whole. Thanks to the need to develop e-business solutions, there is even a business pattern solution that can aid in the creation of online business tools such as retail sites and remote storage options that allow employees at several different sites to access documents and other data with the use of security credentials. While the exact pattern used in a situation will vary, the format will often focus on providing a thorough and easy means of accomplishing specific tasks, making the operation of a business more efficient.


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