What Is a Business Analysis Manager?

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A business analysis manager is responsible for reviewing the technical and organizational processes of each department or area of the business he works for. After conducting the evaluation, the manager is then responsible for making suggestions and recommendations for improving the business processes and making the business more effective and efficient overall.

Typically, a business analysis manager is employed by the business or company for which they are analyzing business processes, which includes departments as a whole and the individuals working in the departments. Some businesses or companies, however, prefer to bring in a third party or someone from outside of the company as a fresh pair of eyes and untainted view point.

First, the business analysis manager goes to each department and observes how the department they are observing for the day or or other timeframe is working. The business analysis manager is looking to see if the individuals and the department as a whole are working as effectively and efficiently as possible. If the individuals or departments are not working at their best, then the manger devises ways they can improve efficiency and effectiveness. The manager then helps the department to implement these recommendations. The manager would also be involved in tracking the effectiveness of the changes to see if the change is positive or if additional tweaks need to be made.


A business analysis manager has to be trained and have working knowledge of all areas of the company. This includes everything from the technology and manufacturing department to the accounting, marketing sales and shipping departments. Depending on the company, the manager would need to have working knowledge of any of the other departments in the company.

Once the manager has evaluated and made recommendations for individual positions and departments, the business analysis manager also has to ensure that all of the departments are working together as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is the only way to ensure that the company collectively is working at its best.

The business analysis manager tends to be the liaison between the employees of the company and upper management or executives. While the analysis is of the employees and departments, the manager reports their findings back to upper management so that a strategic plan can be put in place to make the necessary changes.


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