What is a Bubble Mower?

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A bubble mower is a toy for the toddler and preschool set. Made of brightly colored plastic, it resembles a mini lawn mower, and can be pushed over grass or most even surfaces. Instead of cutting grass, the mower produces a stream of bubbles that delight young mowers.

A bubble mower is a good toy for toddlers.
A bubble mower is a good toy for toddlers.

Fisher Price® makes the most common bubble mower on the market, and has done so for years. Recent additions include switches that can “start” or “change speed” of the mower, though these are primarily for show and have no affect on operation. Fisher Price® also claims they have improved their design so that the wheels run easily on more surfaces than they did previously, which makes the mower usable for more kids.

Each bubble mower has a reservoir for bubble liquid, and in most cases, pushing the mower forward is enough to produce a stream of bubbles. Sometimes these tanks get clogged or bubble mix sold with the mower doesn't work well. Washing out the mower, even before first using it, and buying high quality bubble liquid tends to resolve this problem. Regular maintenance on the mower may be required if the engine gets “clogged” again.

Bubble mowers may particularly appeal to kids who have just learned to walk well and to run. Most parents note that the thrill of walking and running is very entertaining for kids aged two to four. The mower is lightweight too, and can be easily packed for trips to the park where a child can be occupied for a quite a while as they “mow the grass.” Recommendations on the toy suggest it is suitable for children up to the age of five, yet most kids will have outgrown the mower by the time they’re about four, though there are clearly exceptions. Taller kids may find the handle a little too low for comfortable mowing.

The disadvantage to the bubble mower is that it needs a continuing supply of bubble liquid in order to work. This can get pricey. It is fine to use the mower just as a simulation toy, and many kids do so. An alternative is choosing a toy that doesn’t require extra elements, like the classic popcorn popper. This is another push toy with bright colored balls inside a semi-round base that pop up and make noises as the toy is pushed.

Some kids have a fascination with various machines and because a bubble mower looks like a real mower, perhaps one that dad would use, it may be preferable to other push toys. Those kids inherently drawn to machinery can truly enjoy bubble mowers. Moreover, many parents love them because they provide an excellent means for energetic kids to get lots of activity.

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