What is a Brow Filler?

Sara Schmidt

People with hair loss often use some type of filler in order to create a fuller appearance. Brow filler is likewise used in order to maintain a similar illusion in the presence of thin eyebrows. Eyebrow filler is typically a cosmetic in the form of a pencil, gel, or powder, and can be used to fill in, define, and shape eyebrows.

Eyebrow fillers can give a more uniform look to patchy eyebrows.
Eyebrow fillers can give a more uniform look to patchy eyebrows.

When choosing a brow filler, various personal concerns should be taken into consideration. If a person wishes to use a waterproof eyebrow filler, he or she may opt for a gel type. Gel and pencil fillers are generally more long-lasting than powder types, though powder fillers often provide the most natural coloration and blended appearance. Pencil fillers are typically the least expensive.

Soft filler brushes can be used to blend out colors.
Soft filler brushes can be used to blend out colors.

Beauty consultants can help people choose which brow fillers suit them best. Available at the beauty counters of major department stores, salons, and other cosmetic businesses, consultants are trained in matching colors to customers by their facial tone, hair color, and many other factors. They often provide free or low-cost demonstrative applications in order to help consumers choose which brow fillers and other cosmetics suit them best.

Skin and hair color are also important when selecting brow fillers. Fillers should generally match the wearer's natural eyebrow shade as closely as possible. Filling in eyebrows with a dramatically darker shade will result in an unnatural appearance. If hair color is dyed, however, many people do opt to choose a brow filler that matches the dyed color instead. People may also blend several different shades of filler together in order to create a customized color match.

Defining eyebrows is another function of brow filler. Pencils can be used to create the illusion of a lift, arch, or other shape per the desires of the wearer. Tired eyes can be made to look more wakeful with a strategic application as well. Professional makeup artists can use brow fillers to achieve new looks that can mimic a more youthful appearance.

Some eyebrow filler kits come with stencils that users can trace to create specific looks. Tracing curved or arched lines can help provide thin brows with a new shape. Kits may also include a brow filler brush, which may be stiff, fluffy, or a combination of both. Stiff brushes can help create shape and definition while soft, fluffy brushes aid in blending colors.

Eyebrow fillers contain many different chemical ingredients. Some, such as liquid fillers, may contain latex and other potential allergens. Propylene glycol, talc, petrolatum, and other ingredients that have been linked to health concerns are also present in some fillers. Natural alternatives are available for consumers who wish to avoid these chemicals.

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