What is a Bridal Wreath?

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A bridal wreath can mean a number of things. It can be a small, delicate wreath of flowers worn on the head by a bride, bridesmaid or flower girl at a wedding. Bridal wreaths may also be larger, made of greens and flowers, and used to decorate at the ceremony or the reception. The bridal wreath is a quite traditional wedding decoration. It is interesting to note that there is also a large shrub known as bridal wreath, which flowers in the spring and features small white flowers.

Larger bridal wreaths used for decoration can be placed at the ends of pews in a church or other religious hall. They could also be hung on doors or walls, placed in the center of the table as a pretty floral centerpiece, or hung on the backs of chairs at the reception. Using flowers to decorate at a wedding is a popular tradition because it is relatively easy and always looks great.

You can purchase or make a bridal wreath in any shape and size. You might make a traditional circular wreath, or a wreath in which two circles connect, symbolizing marriage. A heart-shaped wreath could also be quite pretty. You may also choose to decorate an archway with flowers and greens in a similar way to a bridal wreath. Even though they are traditional decorations, you can still have fun with bridal wreaths.


You may use virtually any flowers for a bridal wreath. Some popular ones include roses and hydrangeas, but any flowers will work. Some bridal wreaths are made with real, fresh flowers, and these are the most expensive. They also do not hold up as well as wreaths made with silk flowers, which often look just as nice and are a lot more durable. You may also use ivy for greenery and baby's breath to fill in the wreath.

Making your own bridal wreaths is a relatively simple project. You can find foam or wire wreath templates in most craft stores. You'll also need scissors to cut the flowers and glue to affix them to the wreaths. You may also choose to add decorations such as fake pearls, feathers, fake jewels, Swarovski crystals, or any fun ornaments that either symbolize your marriage or your wedding theme. For example, if you were having a beach wedding, you might add little sandals or beach umbrellas to the wreaths.

If you are ordering bridal wreaths for your wedding, it is a good idea to purchase them in bulk. You will often be able to order the wreaths directly from your florist, or from vendors online. To find bridal wreaths for your hair, check bridal supply stores or wedding websites.


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