What is a Brick Porch?

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A porch is a structure that sits at the front of a house. It is a platform that leads to a front door, and sometimes extends to the left and right of the door to provide space for chairs or decorations. A brick porch is simply a porch constructed of brick, and is a much more solid and permanent structure than a wooden porch. The strength of a brick porch is substantial, but constructing one can be much more expensive and labor-intensive than a wooden porch.

Unless a homeowner has specific knowledge of masonry techniques, it is advisable to hire a professional to build a brick porch, as the process is somewhat difficult and time-consuming, and the final product may not be as strong as it should be if constructed improperly. Building a brick porch will also require a concrete base to be poured beneath the brick structure, as the final structure will be quite heavy and will sag and crack without a proper foundation.


A brick porch is usually built to match the aesthetic of the home, so it looks best attached to a brick house. This does not mean, of course, that the brick porch cannot be built at the front of a house made from other materials, but the builder should certainly take the aesthetic of the house into consideration. The porch itself can be built to suit, meaning different shapes and features can be built into the porch. Rounded structures, square structures with steps, porches with brick benches, and other features can be built to suit the homeowner's desires.

Brick porches require far less maintenance than other types of porches. The bricks may need to be scrubbed once every year or two to remove dirt or other debris, but otherwise, the structure should be quite sound for many years. If the porch is built properly, water damage will be prevented by channeling water away from the structure, meaning cracking or crumbling is far less likely. Unlike wooden porches, brick will not rot, warp, bend, or otherwise crumble after regular use and during inclement weather conditions. A brick walkway can also be built as a lead-up to the brick porch, further enhancing the look of the front of the house. While brick porches are strong and aesthetically appealing, homeowners should be prepared to pay more for the materials and the labor involved in building these porches.


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