What is a Breakfast Burrito?

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A basic breakfast burrito consists of scrambled eggs and grated cheese wrapped in a tortilla. Tortillas are Mexican flat breads made from cornmeal or wheat flour. There are many different possible additions to an eggs and cheese-based breakfast burrito.

Meat such as sausage or bacon is a popular addition to breakfast burritos. It may be either cooked leftovers from another meal or fried up just before placing it in the tortillas. While the eggs and meat are cooking, tortillas can be warmed in the oven. Eggs, meat and any other ingredients should be placed on the flat tortillas before adding grated cheese. Folding each tortilla over completes the burrito; the completed burritos should be left for just a few minutes in a warm oven to help "set" the fold.

Vegetables are healthy additions to a breakfast burrito. If stronger varieties such as onions and broccoli aren't considered enjoyable at the morning meal, milder types such as tomatoes and corn can be used. Salsa, a tomato and chili-based sauce, is traditionally used on burritos, but for some people it may be too spicy for breakfast. Chopped fresh tomatoes or some mild canned tomato sauce can make a good substitute.


Burritos are a popular item of Tex-Mex, or Texan-Mexican, cuisine throughout the southwestern part of the United States. Burritos eaten for lunch or dinner typically don't contain eggs, but rather heartier fare that could include any combination of beans, rice, potatoes and meat. The spices may also be stronger than breakfast burrito varieties. Low-fat versions of the breakfast burrito often contain scrambled egg whites rather than whole eggs. Lower-fat cheeses as well as a variety of vegetables can further reduce fat and calories in the burritos.

Sour cream or low-fat yogurt is often served with all types of burritos. If sour cream or yogurt is used as a dip rather than placed inside each burrito, the burritos can be frozen. Many people like to make batches of breakfast burritos and freeze them ahead of time. If burritos are placed in the refrigerator the night before to thaw, they can be heated up quickly in the morning for a quick yet hearty breakfast. Since all of the burrito ingredients are wrapped in a folded tortilla, these morning burritos can also make a handy breakfast to eat on the way to work or school.

Many restaurants make versions of the breakfast burrito. One of the most well-known fast food versions is McDonalds®' Sausage Burrito. It includes scrambled eggs made from a mix, sausage and American cheese in a flour tortilla. The McDonalds® Sausage Burrito has 300 calories and 16 grams of fat (0.564 ounces).


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@Grivusangel -- "McViolence." Love it. I just can't stomach something like a breakfast burrito too early in the morning. I like them, but in the middle of the afternoon. I want salsa with them, and 8 a.m. is just too darn early for me and salsa. About 10 or 11 a.m. starts getting into salsa range for me.

I have had breakfast burritos at a Mexican restaurant that serves breakfast, and they were awesome. It had been a late night, and I needed something filing. So I guess I can make an exception every now and then.

Post 1

The article had to mention McDonald's didn't it? I was working for a summer there the year they introduced the breakfast burritos. We had to cook the filling from frozen on the grill. I well remember a customer who came in and wanted a breakfast burrito, but no onions in the mix. Well, that wasn't possible. The mix came with onions. The manager handled it. She told the guy in the grill to scramble an egg (which we did for Egg McMuffins) and crumble up two pieces of sausage used in hotcakes and sausage, and then put them on a tortilla with cheese. There were certainly no onions, but "where were the bell peppers?" asked the customer.

It's a wonder there are not acts of McViolence committed every day.

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