What is a BOSU&Reg; Ball?

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A BOSU® ball is a new kind of fitness tool intended for a wide variety of trainers to use for various health and fitness goals. The BOSU® ball is the product of a fitness company with a specific philosophy, its own innovative fitness research, and a unique catalog of products for the fitness market. Those with an interest in new workout tools can find BOSU&reg ball options online or at select retail locations.

The BOSU® company has been a major force in the fitness world since 2000. The acronym BOSU&reg stand for “both sides up” or “both sides utilized.” According to company founders, this term has two meanings. Both sides up can refer to how people use a BOSU® balance trainer or other tool. But BOSU can also mean that fitness trainers work on combining physical activity with mental preparation and goals.

One of the primary products of the BOSU® company is the BOSU® balance trainer. This tool has a flat side and a curved side. Each of them can be placed toward the floor for two different workout purposes. This piece of equipment offers specific benefits for the core muscles that support the spine and stabilize the body.


Along with the BOSU® balance trainer, the company offers a line of BOSU&reg ball tools. These are similar to other fitness balls, but have built-in BOSU&reg technology. They may come in various sizes, with BOSU&reg training instructions for making the most of the features added by the company.

A good example of how company's engineers the fitness training ball is the BOSU® ballast ball. This BOSU® ball has a number of different “sides” that are weighted by inner materials so that the ball will not simply roll away during training. Individual trainers can use the BOSU® ball for a variety of versatile exercises. The company creates detailed instructions for using these innovative products in ways that will help strengthen muscle groups, build the core muscles, and help provide more bone, joint and muscle benefits.

Along with a commitment to redefining how the American community looks at fitness, the BOSU® company offers other benefits to consumers. The company produces its products in its Ohio facility, and promotes American manufacturing as a response to the threats of globalized labor on the American worker. Readers can find more on the BOSU® company web site about how this new business is promoting holistic health and offering tools for the future of physical fitness.


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Post 3

We need more companies like BOSU. I see so much stupid workout equipment come out that does nothing for the people that buy it. It is nothing more than expensive junk and it directly contributes to the growing waistline of this country.

But everything I have seen from BOSU really works and there is no wrong way to use it. People have done some really innovative stuff with their products and they have even been used in a number of physical therapy applications. They make equipment that works, not just stuff that will look cool on TV.

Post 2

@nextcorrea - I am a big fan too. At first I was skeptical. When one of these showed up in the gym I figured that it was just some new fad equipment that would be big for around ten years and then disappear from gyms for lack of utility. When I actually saw people using them I thought that my suspicions were confirmed.

But then I saw a really intriguing workout video that had a lot of lifts and moves I had never seen before. I figured I would give it a try since my workout had grown kind of stale. And I ended up loving it. It did wonders for my balance and my core strength.

Post 1

There are tons of great ab ball exercise that you can tailor to a bosu ball. If you use the rounded part up you can do crunches and other core exercises. If you put the rounded side down you can work on balance exercises that will strengthen the twitch muscles in your core and legs.

It is really a great piece of equipment. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their strength and balance. There are things you can do with one of these that you cannot replicate with anything else.

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