What is a Body Sculpting System?

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A body sculpting system is a workout method designed to provide a full body workout. Usually geared toward effecting a workout that incorporates both aerobic and strength training, a sculpting system ordinarily involves exercises that incorporate both components simultaneously. There are a wide variety of body sculpting systems available, many of which are workout products manufactured for easy and efficient home use. In addition, there are numerous body sculpting systems that are used for exercises classes, such as pilates and yoga toning systems.

Body sculpting focuses on toning muscles and burning fat, both of which are key methods for achieving weight loss and overall body fitness. By incorporating cardiovascular activity into strength training, a body toning workout builds muscle while burning calories. This combined process is more effective at burning fat than workouts that are composed exclusively of aerobic exercise or resistance training respectively. Most body sculpting systems utilize movements that target the core muscle group, which is essential for fat burning and muscle toning. In addition, core workouts tend to exercise several muscle groups at once, resulting in a wide-ranging and efficient workout routine.


A home body sculpting system is intended to provide a full body workout that is easily incorporated into any daily routine. Consequently, home systems are often designed to incorporate a maximum amount of body toning activity into a specific period of time. As such, a home body toning workout machine will generally involve a continuous variety of related exercises that are quickly transitioned between. This time-effective process removes rest periods from workouts that, in addition to saving time, keep the body in motion to increase cardiovascular activity and calorie burning.

Often a body sculpting system purchased for home use includes a workout DVD that sets out a variety of exercise routines to accompany the device. These explain how to use the system while providing challenging workouts that simulate the experience of an exercise class. This relation to fitness classes is a result of the fact that a body sculpting system is often born out of an workout routine developed by a physical trainer for an exercise class. Body sculpting devices, as well as yoga and pilates sculpting systems, are often ideal for group exercise. Sculpting systems, whether home- or class-based, focus on specific muscle toning exercises while developing through a routine that is best learned through demonstration by a physical training professional.


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