What is a Bluetooth&Reg; Cell Phone?

Margo Upson

A Bluetooth® cell phone allows a user to easily transfer data to and from their cell phone without the use of wires. It allows users to use their cell phones hands-free, with just a small headpiece in their ear. Bluetooth® technology has revolutionized the use of cell phone technology, and is available on most phones.

Bluetooth sharing enables phone users to share and transfer files from one phone to the other.
Bluetooth sharing enables phone users to share and transfer files from one phone to the other.

Bluetooth® technology works through a very weak radio wave frequency. The low frequency prevents interference from other radio waves, but makes long distance connectivity difficult. It is used in hospitals, video game components, and even in drive-through fast food places. There are even Bluetooth® hearing aids now available.

A cell phone that can work with a Bluetooth® cell phone.
A cell phone that can work with a Bluetooth® cell phone.

Cell phones that have been equipped with Bluetooth® technology make it easy to talk hands-free. The cell phone can be in your pocket, on the car seat next to you, or sitting on the counter a short ways away. A Bluetooth® cell phone can also enable voice command features on a cell phone. It is possible to send pictures from a cell phone straight to a printer. Appointment schedules can be passed between personal digital assistants (PDAs), cell phones, and laptops.

Some home phones also come equipped with Bluetooth® technology. It is possible to share your contact list on your cell phone with your home phone. A Bluetooth® cell phone can also be set to automatically forward calls to a home phone line, if the home phone is also Bluetooth® enabled, whenever you are at home.

Car kits can allow a Bluetooth® cell phone to have a more hands-free options. With just a push of a button, it is possible to carry on a conversation while driving without a headset. Most also automatically mute any music playing to accept or make phone calls without touching a button.

A Bluetooth® cell phone can perform a lot of services that regular cell phones can’t, without needing wires. It is possible to play music from a Bluetooth® cell phone. It is even possible to use a Bluetooth® connection to use your cell phone to access the internet on a Bluetooth® enabled laptop. As more and more states enact bans on talking on a cell phone while driving, Bluetooth® has become an almost essential component of cell phones.

A Bluetooth® phone headset.
A Bluetooth® phone headset.

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@Scrbblchick -- My new car has the bluetooth capabilities, and it's great. I love it. I'll never have another one without it.

I also like being able to call hands free, as long as the number is in my contacts list. If the system has a failing, it's that it doesn't understand spoken numbers very well. No telling what you'll dial, some days!

But there's no question the bluetooth function makes talking while driving much safer, although, like you, I try not to do it much. I just know there's a lot that can go wrong, and I'd rather not be talking on the phone if something does.


I don't use one of those bluetooth headsets because I think it looks like I'm being assimilated by the Borg (resistance is futile). I do, however, love having bluetooth capabilities on my phone because I have a SYNC system in my car and I can link my phone to the car and if I get a call, I can answer it with buttons on the steering wheel and hear the caller through the radio speakers. That's so very handy, and so much safer. I don't talk when I drive very often, but when I do, I feel a lot safer knowing I don't have to juggle a cell in one hand and the wheel in the other.

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