What is a Biketard?

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A biketard is an article of clothing made similar to a leotard and often worn in gymnastics or dancing. The biketard can be cut to have sleeves or to be sleeveless, depending on the preference of the wearer, and often has short legs that only come to the mid-thigh. Typically available in a number of different colors and patterns, these garments can provide style or a unique flair to a dancer or gymnast without getting in the way of a performance. The shape of the garment lends itself to use by bicyclists as well.

With the appearance of a combination leotard and bicycle shorts, a biketard provides both comfort and a streamlined figure for a dancer or gymnast. Biketards can be made from materials such as velour, velvet, or cotton and often contain some Lycra to ensure that the garment is snug on the wearer. Though available for adults, they can be seen often on children taking dancing or gymnastics classes.


While a biketard may be most often seen on dancers and gymnasts, they can also be used quite effectively as an inner layer for bicyclists in cold weather. Wearing a bulky coat or jacket can make biking more difficult due to increased wind resistance; so many bicyclists prefer to wear layers of thinner clothing to stay warm during cold weather. With the inherent shape of a top and bicycle shorts, the biketard can often be a suitable choice of undergarment that can then have additional layers worn over it.

This allows a bicyclist to also be able to remove outer layers of clothing if the weather changes or he or she starts in the morning and the day warms during the ride. With a biketard underneath, outer layers of shirts or pants can be removed and stowed in a pack on the bicycle to allow a rider to maintain comfort and not overheat. The close fit of the garment also tends to help reduce irritation from friction and rubbing that other clothing may potentially create.

A biketard is usually made from common materials that make care and maintenance of the garment simple and easy. They usually do not require expensive dry cleaning or other processes to effectively maintain. While anyone looking to clean a biketard should look at the manufacturer’s recommendations for care of the garment, typically they are able to be run in a cold cycle with regular detergent.


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