What is a Bidet Mixer?

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A bidet mixer is a valve that mixes hot and cold water to a desired temperature on a bidet. There are two basic types of bidet mixers. The single handle type has one handle that is used to turn on or shut off the water supply and adjust the water temperature. The double handle type has two handles: one for controlling the cold water and one for controlling the hot water. Bidet mixers are bolted to a bidet and then connected to the hot and cold water supply.

Mixers can be made from a variety of materials. Lower end models use a copper or brass supply surrounded with a plastic housing. Higher end models usually have a brass supply surrounded by a metal housing.

A variety of finishes is available, although the most common finish for bidet mixers is chrome. Other types of finishes and colors include polished or antique brass; brushed, satin or polished nickel; brushed chrome; and black. They are also available in neutral colors like biscuit, bone, and almond. The bidet mixer's color and finish are usually matched to other bathroom fixture finishes, such as those found on the sink, tub and shower faucets as well as the toilet handle.


Bidet mixers are manufactured in a wide range of styles. Common styles include traditional, contemporary and antique designs. Some also come with a pop up waste feature, where the user can operate a waste drain by pulling on a mechanism at the rear of the bidet mixer tap. This feature makes cleaning the bidet basin after use much easier.

On a bidet, the user generally sits facing the bidet mixer or tap. Sitting on a bidet with the user's back to the bidet mixer is also not uncommon, however. Facing the mixer may make it easier for the user to control the flow and temperature of the water.

Although the bidet is designed to wash the user's genitalia and/or anus, a bidet with a mixer can also be convenient for cleaning feet or even bathing babies. Whatever the intended use for a bidet, a mixing valve can control the temperature, preventing accidental scalding during use.


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