What Is a Beef Rib Steak?

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A beef rib steak can be made in two ways: with and without the rib bone. Commonly called a ribeye based on the cut's location in the rib meat area of the animal, the beef rib steak is typically one of the most flavorful and tender cuts. This is the result of the location of the cut on the animal and the amount of exercise the beef rib steak area gets while the animal moves about, as well as the amount of fat marbling in the steak. This cut of beef is commonly grilled, broiled or pan-fried.

Among cuts of beef, the beef rib steak is typically one of the tenderer cuts. Offered both on and off of the bone, this steak has the marbling and fat to produce a flavor-packed steak when cooked. The fat produces a type of self-basting component to the meat and aids in retaining the natural juices of the meat as it cooks. This cut of meat is commonly prepared with little to no seasoning other than salt and pepper. Occasionally, the steak is treated to a mix of garlic and olive oil when prepared on a grill.


The beef rib steak is cut from the area of the beef that is known as the rib roast or, if cut from a prime-grade animal, the prime rib. When the rib is attached to the steak, it is called a beef rib steak, and when the rib is removed, it is simply a ribeye. While able to be cooked in many fashions, one of the most recommended methods of preparing a ribeye steak is on a grill. The fat content of the ribeye will typically allow the cut to remain tender.

For the best results, the steak should be allowed to rest for several minutes after removing the meat from the grill. This allows the beef rib steak's natural juices to be redistributed throughout the entire cut of meat. These slices of meat are often very tender and even the fat is enjoyed by many diners due to its full flavor. Like its prime rib-roast cousin, the beef rib steak is often served with a horseradish sauce or a quality steak sauce. Side dishes that consist of some version of potato or rice are often served with beef rib steak, and the meat is occasionally served alone or with a salad or quality bread.


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