What is a Bed Wrap?

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A bed wrap is a wrapper that fits a mattress, completely encasing it. Several types are available, depending on the need of the consumer, but most bed wraps tend to be designed either for bedwetting issues or allergens. In both cases, the bed wrap is made from a material which is not permeable, so that things inside the mattress will not come out, and things outside the mattress will not leak through the bed wrap. Bed wraps are available in a variety of materials, manufactured by a number of companies, which also produce pillow wraps.

Bed wraps which are designed for bedwetting are typically made from a water proof material such as plastic or a treated cotton blend. It is important that the mattress be tightly sealed inside the wrap to effectively protect the mattress from absorbing liquid. Thick mattress pads can be put over a bedwetting bed wrap to reduce the crackling sounds that can be caused from shifting. Should the sleeper wet the bed, only the sheets and blankets will be soiled, while the mattress remains dry. Bed wraps should be periodically checked to make sure that the seal has not been compromised over time.


A bed wrap used for allergies can be made from a variety of materials. Some companies manufacture bed wraps from specially treated cotton which is supposed to prevent organisms from reaching the mattress. Other materials such as plastic or rubber may be used as well. These wraps are sometimes designed to seal the mattress in, and sometimes slip over the top of the mattress, without covering the bottom of the mattresses, like a regular mattress pad. Perhaps because of the number of consumers interested in a allergy bed wrap over a bedwetting bed wrap, allergy bed wraps have been developed to not crackle.

Mattresses can harbor large numbers of bacteria and dust mites. While it's unpleasant to contemplate, our dead skin, hair, and body oils are often the food source for these unsavory creatures. Older mattresses can house numerous organisms, which in turn may cause unwanted reactions in allergy sufferers. Some medical professionals recommend the use of a bed wrap, as well as pillow wraps, to reduce exposure to these potential allergens. Some mattress manufacturers also make hypoallergenic mattresses to help reduce allergic reactions.

A bed wrap can be a good investment not only for bedwetters and allergy sufferers, but for anyone. By reducing exposure to organisms that cause allergic reactions, an allergy free bed may reduce one's low grade allergy symptoms and illnesses. In most cases, bed wraps are available in a wide range of sizes, and are often machine washable as well, so that they can be kept clean and fresh.


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Post 3

I love bed wraps with a ruffle skirt attached. I just bough one for our twin bed and it looks great. More than protecting the mattress, I wanted to hide the bottom part because it looks kind of ugly. It looks very nice now thanks to the skirt. Of course, it's also nice to know that the mattress has extra protection from perspiration and odors.

Post 2

@bear78-- A waterproof one may work but there are also bed wraps on the market that are made specifically for mite infestations. Unlike traditional bed wraps, these enclose the mattress totally so that the mites cannot come out in any way. If you do have mites in your mattress, this kind of bed wrap will make sure that they never bother you again.

I actually think that people should use anti-mite bed wraps before they actually have a mite problem, for prevention. Although mites can also live in clothes, carpets, etc., bedding is their favorite home. So making the bed inaccessible to mites which may enter the house with pets or travelers who frequent hotels will prevent this problem. Even the most high-end hotels are not immune from mites.

Post 1

Will any waterproof bed wrap work for bed mites?

I'm having my house cleaned due to a mite infestation and the experts suggested that I use a bed wrap to make sure that a re-infestation does not occur from mites in the mattress. I want to make sure that I have the right product.

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