What Is a Bean Casserole?

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A bean casserole recipe uses a specific bean type mixed with other ingredients, such as rice, within one dish. The dish is baked in an oven to produce a hearty and nutritious meal. Some bean casserole recipes also include a mixture of different bean types, creating a complex casserole flavor.

Casseroles were traditionally used as a dish easily brought to parties or gatherings. The entire casserole normally includes all the protein, grains, and vegetables needed for a nutritionally complete meal. Bean casseroles typically use the same format as the traditional casseroles. Cooks can add their favorite vegetables and grains to the beans, spicing up the dish with herbs as varied as cumin or ginger.

A basic casserole dish mixes one bean with one grain, along with various vegetables. Rice and black beans are typically matched in casseroles, providing both flavor and an aesthetically pleasing appearance for presenting to a gathering of friends and family. The white rice contrasts visually with the black beans. Adding colorful vegetables, such as green or red peppers, to the bean casserole adds another layer of flavor and visual depth.

Mixing bean types together is another bean casserole recipe type. Combining pinto, black, and kidney beans into a dish creates more flavor, compared to a one bean recipe. Some cooks may add more than three bean types into a casserole, but excessive bean mixtures may reduce the overall flavor rather than enhance it.


Some families are familiar with a different kind of bean dish, called the green bean casserole. This casserole does not use dried beans, but rather the green or string bean — the unripe fruit of the bean plant — as the main ingredient. Green bean casserole is prepared in the same fashion as dried bean casserole, but offers less protein due to the underdeveloped beans.

A drawback to dried beans is the preparation involved. Cooks cannot simply place these beans into a casserole dish and bake it immediately. Dried beans must be soaked, usually overnight, and boiled afterward. Canned beans are a faster alternative, requiring no preparation by the cook. These prepared beans still offer the protein and nutritional value of common dried beans.

Using beans in a casserole removes the need to add any meat, making bean casserole dishes a practical choice for vegetarians. Beans provide protein, which helps to build strong muscles, and their high fiber satisfies the appetite. Many experts agree that beans also support good heart health and provide antioxidants for fighting disease.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- You can definitely do that when you don't have the time to soak the beans. I don't really think it makes a difference in terms of flavor but you do need to adjust baking/cooking time to avoid overcooking the beans. If the beans overcook, they will fall apart and the casserole won't look right

If you have the time, try to use dry beans and soak them overnight or until they're plump and soft. I love bean and rice casserole too. It's my comfort food and I don't feel so guilty eating it because beans have lots of protein and fiber. So it's a healthy meal and also very filling.

Post 2

Bean and rice casserole is always a last minute dinner idea for me. But this doesn't work out because the dry beans have to be soaked overnight. Can I use boiled, canned beans for bean casserole? Will this affect the flavor of the dish?

Post 1

I love green bean casserole. It's the only way I enjoy string beans really. I like that cream of mushroom soup is used in this recipe and I love the fried onion topping as well.

I'm quite bad when it comes to cooking but green bean casserole is so easy that even I can make it. This is usually what I prepare and take to pot-luck dinners and get togethers. And it's always a hit with everyone.

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