What is a Battery Powered Digital TV?

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A battery powered digital TV is a small TV that can be used in power outages or used as a portable device. When the transition to digital TV occurred in the United States on 12 June 2009, it created a need for a battery-run TV that would also get digital reception. Battery-operated analog TVs will no longer work in the United States, even in an emergency situation.

There are many types of digital TVs on the market to meet consumer's demands. Most are available in approximately 7-inch (17.8 cm) to 9-inch (22.9 cm) screens, so they are small and convenient. Some may have thin liquid crystal displays that are as small as 1-inch (2.5 cm) thick and may have a stand included for easy viewing on a table or other surface.

Digital TV reception is available through a digital receiver inside the system. Some systems also include micro digital TV boxes to connect to the set in the same way digital TV receivers are connected to a home TV. Either of these two systems can supply you with much needed information about weather and other important notifications when the electricity is out.


The tuners in a battery powered digital TV are created in the same manner as a large TV, so they provide clear pictures and sound. Some optional additions include inputs for connecting a digital video disc (DVD) player and a plug that fits into a car cigarette lighter for functioning without batteries. Many models include on-screen programming displays by remote control and channel search, similar to traditional TVs. Some models include the ability to plug in and view photos and videos from a digital camera. Cell phone chargers are also available in some models.

A battery powered digital TV may also be included in a compact all-in-one emergency toolbox. These kits can include items such as a flashlight, siren and battery pack. Headphone jacks and a digital TV receiver also are usually included.

These emergency items can also be used in other ways on a daily basis. A battery powered digital TV can be used as an extra screen for a DVD player in a car. A consumer may even use this type of system for a global positioning system (GPS) monitor.

In the case of a natural disaster, a portable TV that can be viewed anywhere and operates on batteries can be a great advantage. When a hurricane strikes, the power may be out for several days to several weeks. Television stations broadcast helpful information, such as where gas and electricity are available. Other services, such as food and water pick up locations are also needed in a natural disaster, as well as the re-opening of stores and businesses that have needed supplies.


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