What is a Band Manager?

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A band manager is the person in charge of a musical group’s business activities. She may be involved in all aspects of their music industry affairs or handle only a few specified areas. Depending on the success of the band, the manager may be required to travel or she may perform her job in only one location.

If a band is effectively unknown, her job generally entails more responsibilities than if the group is popular. To promote a new band and ensure maximum exposure, the manager is commonly in charge of everything from marketing and public relations to keeping the accounting records in order and arranging transportation to different venues. If the band has already made a name for itself, the manager’s job typically focuses more on booking them and negotiating profitable contracts.

A good band manager is often credited with a band’s success. She is frequently required to be overzealous in her presentation of their talent to perspective employers in order to generate interest and excitement. Her press package normally includes demo recordings, photographs of the band in concert, performance reviews and promotional materials such as posters, tee shirts or caps. To get a signed contract for the band generally requires repeated pitches to clubs and tour promoters.


Contract negotiations are customarily the job of a band manager. The first contract she settles is normally between the band members and herself. Before the band is signed to perform, the manager and band typically find it prudent to establish their mutual goals. The interests covered in the agreement generally detail monetary distribution terms for the band members and the manager as well as traveling limitations, appearance guarantees and the moral and legal responsibilities of all signers of the contract.

When the band is contracted to publicly perform, the band manager is generally expected to negotiate the terms of the pact in the best interests of the band. Knowledge of contract terminology is customarily required of the band manager to ensure complications or misunderstandings are avoided. If the manager and the band members are in the early stages of their careers, the first few contracts may be discussed and negotiated by all of them. Once the band is established and the manager has gained their trust, she is often expected to independently negotiate terms and conditions for the band.

This position normally requires no formal education. Since a band manager deals with finances and contracts, education in business administration or finance may be desirable. Communications or public relations experience can also be a plus for an aspiring band manager. Tenacity and likability often significantly contribute to a band manager’s success.


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