What Is a Banana Yogurt Smoothie?

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A banana yogurt smoothie is a blended drink made by whipping bananas, yogurt, and other ingredients. It makes a very healthy breakfast, snack, or other meal replacement, particularly if additional ingredients are added to make it slightly more filling. Typically, these smoothies are made by simply blending one banana with a few spoonfuls to a small container of yogurt, as well as milk or ice to make it easier to drink. Many people add extra fruits such as berries, peaches or mangoes to a banana yogurt smoothie; other ingredients such as flax seeds, nuts, or oats can be added for extra fiber as well.

Many people choose to prepare a banana yogurt smoothie for breakfast because it is both healthy and delicious. Plain yogurt may be used, though a good flavor combination can be achieved by using flavored yogurt such as vanilla or strawberry. Most people use low fat or fat free yogurt to make smoothies because it helps to keep the calorie content down. To give it a slightly thinner consistency, a bit of milk can be added; again, using low fat, skim, or soy milk helps to keep the fat content low. Throwing in a few ice cubes is another option, or using almond milk for extra protein.


This is the most basic way to prepare a banana yogurt smoothie. Some people enjoy experimenting with extra ingredients to change the flavor or to make it more nutritionally dense. For instance, adding honey helps to give it a bit of a sweeter flavor, while adding some other fresh or frozen fruits helps to make the flavors more complex. Many fruits pair well with bananas, from strawberries to peaches, oranges, or mangoes. Extra fruit also helps to boost the fiber content of the drink, which can increase feelings of fullness and help with digestion.

To make it more nutritionally dense, nuts, flax seeds/oil or wheat germ can all be added to a banana yogurt smoothie. Most of these have a virtually undetectable taste once they are blended, but help to increase the nutritional value and fiber content of the smoothie. Some people take this a step further by adding vitamin powder or liquid. Peanut butter makes a great addition for some extra protein, even though yogurt is high in protein as well; for those especially looking to make a nutritious smoothie, spinach or seaweed can even be added. There are many ways to customize a banana yogurt smoothie to taste preferences and daily nutritional goals.


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Post 4

I just don't think you can go wrong with any kind of smoothie, but banana is always a favorite with my family. If I am making one just for myself, I like something besides just a banana, and love to add strawberries or mango for more of an exotic taste.

To make this even better, I add some coconut milk and sometimes it is hard to believe that something that tastes so good can be so good for me.

I have also added some ground flax to my smoothies. It always amazes me that you can't taste this, and it is full of fiber. Smoothies are great any time of year with fresh fruit, but it's nice to know that you can use bananas for them any time of the year.

Post 3

If you love the taste of a banana smoothie, using frozen bananas makes it even better. When my bananas are brown, I will peel them and put them in bags and place in the freezer.

This way whenever I am ready to make a banana smoothie, I will have bananas to make one with. There is something about using the frozen bananas that even makes it taste better.

Yogurt is good for extra protein, and I also like to add a scoop of protein powder. When I make a smoothie like this, I consider this a meal. It keeps me full and satisfied and I know it is full of healthy ingredients.

Post 2

Whenever I want to make a smoothie it seems like I always put a banana in there. Adding yogurt also gives the smoothie a good consistency. I don't have any special recipe I follow when I make a smoothie.

Most of the time I just use whatever fruit I have on hand that needs to be used up. These have made some of the best tasting smoothies. Even though I mix up the fruit, I usually always squirt in a little bit of honey and add some crushed ice to make it really cold.

A touch of cinnamon always goes well with a traditional banana yogurt smoothie too. Typing this is making me hungry for one right now!

Post 1

If we don't have time to sit down and eat breakfast in the morning, I like to make smoothies because they are fast and nutritious. This is also a great way to use up any bananas that are too ripe.

I leave my blender out on the counter since I use it so often and this makes it even easier since it is right there. It only takes a couple minutes to throw some ingredients in there and pour into a glass.

This is something everyone in my family will drink, and I am even able to get some other good sources of protein and fiber in there. This adds extra nutrition, but yet they can't even taste it.

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