What is a Balance Disc Cushion?

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A balance disc cushion is a piece of fitness equipment used to help strengthen and tone the core muscles. It can be used as a part of an exercise routine as well as a way to help burn calories and engage the core muscles while the user is in a seated position. For this reason, the cushion is often used by people who want to be able to improve their fitness while seated at a desk. This is a benefit for people who have professions that keep them from getting much exercise during the course of a day.

Many people use a balance disc cushion instead of an exercise or fitness ball, which are also used to offer the same sort of benefits to people who are maintaining a seated position for long periods of time. The benefit of a cushion is that it is much smaller than an exercise ball or a fitness ball. It is also portable, so it can be easily taken from location to location. Some are even small enough to fit easily into a tote bag.


These cushions can typically support quite a bit of weight. In fact, some models can even withstand up to 350 pounds (about 160 kilograms). While sitting on a balance disc cushion in a chair, the muscles in the abdomen, the lower back, and surrounding the spine are all challenged. Sitting on one can improve posture in addition to working all of these muscle groups. In addition to being used while sitting in a chair, it can also be used for a number of fitness exercises, particularly ones related to balance and strength training.

Most models are made out of plastic and are kept firm via inflation. As such, they usually come with a pump so that the cushion can be inflated as needed. Many of them also come with an instructional brochure or book that includes information about how to get the best benefits our of the cushion and how to use it safely and effectively.


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Post 3

@heavanet- I think that you would get some relief from setting on a balance disc cushion while you are typing. I like the fact that they help you stay mobile even while you are sitting. The movement that you are able to do on one, even while typing, helps to strengthen and stretch your muscles. This is why they are effective in relieving and reducing pain.

Post 2

@heavanet- A balance disc cushion might be exactly what you need. Not only do they give you support while you sit at a desk, but they also help to keep the muscles in your neck and back flexible. You should give one a try.

Post 1

Does anyone know if a balance disc cushion is good for neck and back pain that occurs after sitting and typing all day? I am very prone to these pain issues, but I don't have much choice because my job requires me to type a lot. I'm looking for something that will help calm my pain after a long day of working at the computer.

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