What is a Bagel Maker?

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Though they began as an ethnic food, bagels have become more and more popular and can be considered an American staple. Because of their growing popularity, becoming a bagel maker can be a great way to develop a long-term, self-owned business. A bagel maker can run a bagel shop where he or she makes bagels to sell to customers or can work from a separate location making bagels that are then sold to bagel shops. Those who want their own business can pursue the job of bagel maker after some training and practice.

Making the perfect bagel can be a complex task. To produce a bagel, a bagel maker must first mix the dough, then shape it. Shaped bagel dough is then boiled before it is baked, giving the finished product its signature chewy texture. To be truly efficient, a bagel maker will need bagel-making equipment that will help the process go more quickly. Some bakers can make as many as 80 bagels in an hour.


The exact recipe for the perfect bagel can vary, depending on the location where the bagels are baked, the time of the year and even the equipment being used to produce the bagels. Specialty bagel recipes such as onion, poppy seed, garlic or cinnamon raisin bagels require even more adjustments, skill and expertise. A bagel maker must learn to adjust recipes, temperatures and other elements to ensure that bagels are of the best possible quality no matter the circumstances. With practice and experience, a bagel maker can master these challenges and produce excellent bagels for a hopefully growing list of customers.

In order to operate a business, a bagel maker must not only learn to make bagels but must also ensure that the location where the bagels are made conforms with local health department requirements. As with any home business, a bagel maker will need business courses to develop business savvy. Running a business always requires knowledge of supply and demand, how much must be charged for products and how to keep appropriate records to satisfy tax requirements and to determine whether the company is operating at a profit or a loss.

If a bagel maker finds business going particularly well, employees might be added, making financial and business issues even more complex. Any business owner can benefit from the assistance of an experienced accountant, CPA or other financial professional. This will help ensure that the business remains solvent and efficient.


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