What is a Babymoon?

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A babymoon is a trip taken by parents who will be having a baby in the near future or who have just had a baby. Some couples take this type of vacation before they begin trying for a baby or when a woman is in the early stages of her pregnancy as a last spouse-focused trip before they begin focusing primarily on the child. Others take a babymoon just after their baby is born so that the parents can spend time getting to know the baby without being distracted by work or normal daily life. While parenting is exciting, it also marks a very major life change, and going on a relaxing trip is one way to mark this shift while celebrating the relationship between the parents.

Typically, a babymoon is meant to be romantic and luxurious. New parents typically find travel difficult, thanks to the demands of the child, and being romantic can be even more challenging, when both parents are focused on the needs of their dependent. Going on a trip can be a way for parents to reconnect before a birth, celebrating their love for each other and strengthening their bond.


While on a babymoon, parents have a last chance to focus on each other and engage in activities which would be challenging with a child. They may also take the vacation as a chance to pamper each other, receiving massages and other beauty treatments; such pampering is often especially enjoyable for expecting mothers, who endure a number of physical and psychological changes during pregnancy.

A babymoon is also simply a chance to relax. Many people choose to go to tropical locations for this reason, so that they can lie around on the beach and splash around in the water, as opposed to pushing themselves with grueling hiking vacations or other physical challenges. In the stressful weeks following birth, it can be nice to think back upon the period of relaxation and restfulness enjoyed during the babymoon.

In addition to being good for the parents, a babymoon can also be good for the baby. While in the womb, fetuses are very responsive to the mental and physical state of the mother, and a relaxed, happy, rested mother tends to produce healthier, happier children. Some people also feel that fetuses also respond to the emotions of people around the mother, which would make the loving bonding which occurs during the trip beneficial for the baby as well.

Travel firms which cater to new parents are fairly easy to find, and numerous hotels and spas offer babymoon packages which are geared specifically to new parents. These packages can include amenities like late-night room service for pregnancy cravings, pre-natal massage, parenting classes, and other features which might be of interest to expecting parents.


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