What is a Baby Papasan?

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The baby papasan can refer to several baby seats or baby furniture that are modeled on the papasan chair. The papasan chair has a round frame with an upraised back, and people usually use a larger round cushion in the frame. The chair can be considered very comfortable because the cushion surrounds the seated person, and provides a close and cozy feel.

For infants, several models of baby chairs and baby swings take inspiration from papasan chairs. Instead of being round, most of these chairs and swings are more oval in shape and seating positions may be adjustable from upright to lying prone. Since the sides of these seats rise up around the baby, they may be considered more secure and comfortable, especially for very young babies.

Baby papasan infant seats may have rocking or vibrating motion, and some come equipped with mobiles on top that may help soothe babies who are lying down for a few minutes. The swing seats typically attach onto a swinging device that may provide gentle movement and entertain or comfort a fussy baby. Many of the swing seats are detachable from the swing component so that the infant seat or what looks similar to a bassinet can be placed down on the floor or carried elsewhere.


Many parents prefer baby papasan seats and swings because they use soft fabrics and lots of cushioning. They’re thus different from more rigid seats, and parents may feel they’re more comfortable or naturally inclined to be soothing to infants. As with any infant seats or swings, they are not designed for use without supervision, and most have weight limits that are exceeded quickly.

Price on some of these seats may be high too, with some swings close to or over $100 US Dollars (USD). Some moms and dads say it’s a small price to pay especially when an infant needs significant soothing. The surrounding fabrics of the seat provides warmth and a closed in feeling that may slightly mimic being in the womb, and those seats that offer vibrating or swinging motion might also somewhat imitate the movements of mom when she carried her baby.

Most baby papasan seats are not used once babies can sit unassisted, which makes them most appropriate for parents with infants and very young babies. When babies reach about the sixth month mark or a little later, many of them can sit up, and then the fabric in the seats could become a liability instead of providing comfort. It might be possible for a baby to get his or her face pressed against the soft fabric or extra pillows included and breathing could be inhibited as a result.


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