What is a Baby Grand Piano?

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A baby grand piano is a type of instrument favored by those who can’t manage to cram a full-sized grand piano into their living room. While not as luxuriously large as a grand piano, a baby grand still features horizontal strings, which provide a more rich and full sound and are considered to be superior to upright models. Baby grands may be found under several names, depending on the exact size. If you see a petit-grand or living room grand, it is likely identical to many pianos marketed as baby grands.

The sound of pianos is largely determined by the position of the key strings and their ability and space to vibrate when struck. True grand pianos have much more freedom to vibrate, creating more pure overtones and a more accurate sound. While a baby grand piano may have somewhat shorter or stiffer strings, it still offers increased sound quality over upright pianos, and also makes an imposing centerpiece to any room.


If searching for a baby grand piano, you may find yourself looking at surprisingly inexpensive instruments. Read the fine print carefully: many children’s and toy pianos are sold as baby grands. While this can be a great and extravagant gift for a child, it will be a serious disappointment if you unpack your new piano and find you have to kneel down on the floor to play it. Typically, a baby grand will be less than six ft (1.8 m) in length, and may be wider than it is tall.

If purchasing a baby grand piano, check local musical instrument stores for an accurate price range. Manufacturer, materials and features will all affect the price of your new piano. Typically, a new baby grand will cost between $2000-$6000 US dollars (USD.) However, used pianos come down in price considerably, particularly if the seller is moving and cannot bring their baby grand with them. Check websites or newspaper listings for great deals, but be sure to check out the instrument carefully before purchasing.

Because of their price and size commitment, make sure you really have a use for the piano before bringing it into your home. If you or your child has just started taking piano lessons, you may want to wait and see if these lessons develop into a true passion for the instrument. If you find yourself in possession of a baby grand piano that is not seeing much use and has devoured your available space, consider donating it to a local school. Music programs in public schools are typically desperately in need of funds, and the gift of your piano could make a tremendous difference in the lives of aspiring young performers.


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A new baby grand piano will cost from between $5999 to about $49,000. Find a pianist to take with you when buying one. They will know what is important.

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Thank you for your advice Jessica, this information would be relevant to buying grand pianos and upright pianos of any size.

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